Brockton man arrested in Avon for eighth drunk-driving offense, police say

A Brockton man was arrested for his eighth drunk driving offense on Thursday night, according to the Avon Police Department.

William Doten, 65, was arrested in Avon around 10 p.m. Thursday when police responded to a red Chevrolet pickup truck stopped in the middle of road at 359 West Main St., said Police Chief Warren Phillips.

When Doten opened his window to the responding officer, the officer was “immediately hit with an overwhelming smell of alcohol in the truck,” according to the police report. Open containers of alcohol were also found in the truck, it said.

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Doten failed his first sobriety test on the scene, after being asked to recite the alphabet, and gave up during his second test, putting his hands behind his back preemptively for arrest, said the report.

This appears to be the eighth “operating under the influence” charge on Doten’s record, and he already has a lifetime revocation on his license, Phillips said.

“He’s got a very lengthy record,” said Phillips.

Doten was arrested and charged with an OUI, for operating on a revoked license, and having alcohol in an open container inside his vehicle, said Phillips.