Storm damages four beachfront homes on Plum Island

Newbury, MA 12/28/12 - Stephen Bresnahan (cq) cleans up under the family house after it was undercut by waves at high tide yesterday. Residents of Plum Island deal with the damage from yesterday's high tide which damaged several homes on the beach. (Globe staff photo / Bill Greene) section: metro, reporter: baker, topic: plumisland
Stephen Bresnahan cleaned up under the family house on PlumIsland after it was undercut by waves during this week’s storm.
Bill Greene/The Boston Globe

NEWBURY — They have a great view of the sea. But that could be their downfall.

Four neighboring beachfront homes on Plum Island have suffered significant damage as a result of this week’s storm, exposing their foundations.

Crews were on the scene Friday dismantling heavily-damaged decks from the Annapolis Road homes and preparing to erect a large sandbag barrier to attempt to prevent further damage.

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The area in front of the homes had recently undergone a controversial beach scraping procedure, where bulldozers used ocean sand to build a massive barrier. The storm took it all back to the sea, taking 20 feet of sand height.

One home lost so much of its foundation that a chunk of its finished basement was washed out to sea.