Police locate three children who had gone missing on Jubilee Trail in Northborough

Northborough police and Massachusetts State Police successfully located three children who got lost after being separated from their adult relatives while hiking the Jubilee Trail in Northborough, State Police said.

The children, two 8-year-olds and an 11-year-old, were found about two hours after they became lost, said Northborough Police Lieutenant William Lyver. They were evaluated by paramedics but they had no injuries or signs of hypothermia, he said.

The 11-year-old and one of the 8-year-old boys are brothers, and the other boy is their cousin, who is visiting from Chicago. The boys ran ahead of the adults on the trail, and ended up getting separated.

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The brothers set off to find their parents, while the Chicago boy continued through the woods until he came across a home adjacent to the trail. A State Police trooper soon found him there, Lyver said. The search was prolonged because the two brothers stayed on the trail.

State Police also sent an air wing unit and a K-9 trooper to assist in the search.

“Due to the weather and since it gets dark early, we had a little more urgency to bring in assets,” Lyver said. “We didn’t let the daylight get away from us.”

Lyver said that police were concerned about watery areas surrounding the trail.

The family has since been reunited, he said.