Law enforcement turns to public for tips in Andover murders

John and Geraldine Magee seemed like they had a storybook life.

The two were sweethearts at Arlington High School, and over four decades of marriage they had two children, built a construction business, and had homes in Andover and on the Florida coast.

But on Dec. 14, 2011, they were found shot to death in their Andover mansion. The night before their daughter and grandchildren discovered their bodies, the Magee’s Lexus SUV was found burning on Prince Street in Boston.

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Nearly a year after the slayings, Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett and Andover Police Chief Brian Pattullo are asking the public for help in solving the murders.

“We are asking anyone who has any information no matter how seemingly insignificant to please contact us,” Blodgett said, in a statement today. “Often in a homicide investigation, there are people who have information but may not realize its relevance or importance to the investigation. At this point, any and all information is important.”

Blodgett asked that anyone with information regarding the murders contact his office, at 978-745-8908 or the Andover Police Anonymous Tip Line at 978-470-3864.

Carrie Kimball-Monahan, a Blodgett spokeswoman, said the murders are being investigated by State Police detectives assigned to Blodgett’s office, and the Andover Police. She declined to comment on any possible motives behind the murders, or if suspects had been interviewed.

“We’re not discussing any details relating to the investigation,” said Kimball-Monahan.

The Magee’s children, John Magee III and Holly Senykoff, could not be reached for comment.

Senykoff was with her two young children when she came upon the bodies of her parents in their 10,000-square-foot home.

Anthony Gentile, who lives on Orchard Crossing – a few houses away from where the murders took place – said the neighbors are eager to have the murders solved.

“We would like some closure to it but it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get it. We haven’t heard anything new from the beginning,” said Gentile.

State Senator Barry R. Finegold, who was a friend of the couple, said his parents had purchased a house from John McGee.

“It’s just very mysterious,” Finegold said. “He was a good guy. He was a developer. I never heard any bad things about him and I never heard that he crossed anybody. He was just a good guy and his wife too.”

Finegold said he was surprised no arrests had been made in the case.

“It’s just unusual for something like this to happen in Andover and by now you would have thought that they’d have found who did this,” he said.