Woman walks off subway platform at Broadway Red Line station on Saturday; not seriously injured

A woman was taken to the hospital after falling into the train tracks at Broadway MBTA Station on Saturday afternoon, MBTA Transit Police said.

Around 3:30 p.m., Transit Police Officer James Kerns arrived at the station and saw the 29-year-old woman lying in the track pit against one of the rails with a man giving her first aid, a police report said.

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A witness told Kerns that prior to the accident, the woman was standing on the platform and appeared to be “nodding” off. She then began moving closer to the edge of the platform before falling into the tracks, landing with her right hip on the first rail. The witness said he tried to grab her, but did not get to her in time. He then jumped into the track pit to help her, Kerns reported.

Other witnesses stated they had seen the woman “stumbling around the platform,” the report said.

Kerns also jumped into the pit and found the woman to be conscious and breathing but “lethargic,” he wrote in the report. A small amount of blood was coming from her nose and the woman said she had pain in her right hip, Kerns said.

Firefighters and emergency medical personnel soon arrived to lift the woman out of the pit and take her to Tufts Medical Center, Transit Police said. Northbound service on the Red Line was temporarily suspended for the rescue efforts.

The woman was treated for minor injuries and released, Transit Police said.