Transit Police officer arrests man who tried to slip behind him through fare gate

A Waltham man is facing assault and battery charges after allegedly attempting to slip through a fare gate behind an MBTA Transit Police officer at Park Street Station, MBTA Transit Police said.

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Around 11 a.m. today, Officer Luis Feliciano tapped his CharlieCard to enter a fare gate and noticed someone following him closely from behind, said Transit Police Superintendent-in-Chief Joseph O′Connor.

Unsure whether the person was trying to evade the fare or attempting to pickpocket him, the officer turned around to inquire, but was shoved by the man, later identified as Michael Cammisaro, 57, said O’Connor.

Cammisaro then began yelling at Feliciano, “Move, move, move!” as he tried to push Feliciano through the gate. Cammisaro also allegedly struck the officer in the face before he and Feliciano engaged in a brief struggle, which ended with Cammisaro being pinned to the ground and handcuffed by Feliciano, O’Connor said.

Neither Feliciano nor Cammisaro sustained any lasting injuries in the scuffle, he said.

“Our officers are working in the station on a daily basis, making sure the T is as safe as can be,” said O’Connor. “We have a concentration in areas around fare gates and we’ve issued 4,125 fare evasion citations this year.”

Cammisaro is slated to appear in Boston Municipal Court Thursday.