Officials issue safety tips for trick-or-treaters

With schools closed two days in many communities because of Hurricane Sandy, the youngest residents of Massachusetts might have thought things couldn’t get any better.

But now comes Halloween —and state officials are reminding those who are going out to celebrate the spooky holiday to take precautions before heading out into the dark, leaf-littered neighborhoods.

Those lighting up pumpkins or making luminaries for lawns should use battery-operated tea lights or small flashlights instead of candles, and decorate households with flame-proof crepe paper to avoid fires, State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan said in a statement.

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Parents should ensure that their children are under constant supervision while out and are wearing flame-retardant costumes that do not have trailing material or tails long enough to cause falls, he said.

Coan added that children should also carry flashlights, glow sticks, or wear reflective tape so drivers can see them.

Adults should also inspect any candy or treats collected see if they have been tampered with, and unpackaged foods should be thrown away unless the source is well-known, Coan said.