Wandering pig finds himself banned in Brockton

BROCKTON—Loving the streets of Brockton was ultimately Porkchop’s undoing.

The peripatetic pig is now banned from the city.

Porkchop, a lovable 125-pound potbellied pig, was simply caught too many times by animal control officers enjoying strolls down Silver Road, where he lives with owner Anthony Ruiz.

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In the year Porkchop has called Brockton home, he has been apprehended five times for being at large in the neighborhood, said Megan Hanrahan, Brockton’s animal inspector. Animal control officers have responded to Porkchop-related issues at least 15 times, she said.

Porkchop is harmless, and a nice pig, Hanrahan said, but he shouldn’t be loose and now it has become a safety issue. The Board of Health decided earlier this month to revoke Ruiz’s pet pig permit and gave him until last Friday to remove Porkchop from the city.

But Ruiz said that as he was getting ready to transport Porkchop to a new home that day, city officials kidnapped the potbellied pig, put him in the city kennel, and filed a request in Brockton Housing Court to keep Porkchop until they could find a new home for him.

Now Ruiz is fighting to get Porkchop back so that he, not the city, can place him in a new home.