Sun will peek out here and there on Columbus Day weekend

The sun will come out Friday. But don’t get too excited. It will quickly go away again.

Today’s drizzles will continue into the evening commute, the National Weather Service said. Temperatures will stay in the mid-60s and will drop to the lower 50s tonight as skies clear.

Though the day will start with clouds, Friday will be warm and sunny, with temperatures in the mid-to high 70s. “It’s about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year,” weather service meteorologist Bill Simpson said.

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The sunshine will persist into Saturday morning, but will turn into showers later in the day.

Then “that warmer weather will be a distant memory,” Simpson said, as Sunday will be a rainy, chilly day with a high of about 55 degrees.

Columbus Day is expected to bring dry, cool weather.