Plymouth women facing charges for allegedly abusing 162 animals at their home

Two Plymouth women were arrested on warrants Tuesday alleging abuse of 162 animals at their Indian Avenue home, Plymouth police said.

Neighbors said they heard animals whining and crying constantly and called police on June 27, Plymouth Police Captain John Rogers said.

Authorities found “quite a menagerie” at the home, said Lieutenant Alan Borgal, director of the Center for Animal Protection at the Animal Rescue League. Officers seized four dogs, two goats, dozens of rabbits and domestic ducks, several quail and pheasants, a wild turkey, a Canadian goose gosling, a ram, a 3-month-old female calf, and four goldfish.

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“We didn’t leave anything,” Borgal said. “Except for the fish, ... all of the animals we took from the property were living in terrible conditions.”

He said Massachusetts residents are required to obtain propagation permits through the state’s Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to keep turkeys, quail, pheasants, and Canadian geese.

“Those animals were illegal to possess,” Borgal said.

Some animals were in the house, while others were kept in a fenced yard at the 3 Indian Avenue home.

Two dogs had Lyme’s disease, one had severe skin issues, and the fourth was emaciated, Borgal said. Many of the animals were covered in mites, lice, and parasites. The ram was not shaved and was clearly suffering in the heat, he said.

After the confiscation team removed the animals from “extremely unsanitary conditions,” they were taken to foster homes in the area, Borgal said. Some were taken to a livestock rehabilitation center in Dedham, where they were tested for disease and tagged.

The animals will be held pending court proceedings, Borgal said.

Kelley Fahey, 23, and her mother-in-law Evelyn Luciano, 77, were charged with 13 counts of animal cruelty.

Rogers said the home was in “major disrepair” and that the town’s inspectional services division deemed the residence uninhabitable. The women were charged with reckless endangerment of a child because Fahey’s son was living at the home.

Rogers said the women were arrested for failing to appear in court after they failed to show up in Plymouth District Court on Tuesday. After being arrested, the pair was arraigned Wednesday at Plymouth courthouse and released.

They are scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Oct. 24, according to the court clerk’s office.