Bird feeder sparks flap in Hull

HULL—A summer resident and officials from the town of Hull are set to square off in a courtroom today as Gail Kansky fights to continue feeding the birds outside her home in the seaside town, a practice town officials have condemned as a health risk.

“There are plenty of other people in Hull who have bird feeders, there are plenty of other people in Massachusetts that do,’’ Kansky said today outside her home at 285 Beach Ave. “It’s just ridiculous.’’

But in letters and other communication sent to the Kanskys, town officials said the bird feeder is drawing more than sparrows—it’s also become a magnet for rats. It has sparked “a feeding frenzy’’ among seagulls when Kansky tosses out leftovers from her kitchen, the town alleged.

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“Kansky’s actions and the problems identified in this complaint have resulted in numerous complaints by area residents as the effects of Kansky’s actions are causing problems for the neighbors and public in general from the gathering of the birds, the fighting among the birds, the noise, feces landing on their property, dead birds, and now rats,’’ Hull town counsel James Lampke wrote in court papers.

Kansky and Hull officials are due in a Brockton courtroom this afternoon where the town wants a judge to issue a temporary restraining order forcing Kansky to stop feeding the birds.