Medford man arrested after alleged fare evasion turns up previous charges

A Medford man who was allegedly looking to get a free ride on the Orange Line instead got a free ride to jail when transit police arrested him for fare jumping and discovered he was a wanted man.

Officers were patrolling the Malden Center station in plainclothes at about 6 p.m. Monday when they spotted a man who had “entered the paid area of the station without paying his fare,’’ according to an MBTA Transit Police report.

Kynly Cazeau (Transit police)

Officer stopped the man, later identified as Kynly Cazeau, and asked why he had not paid the fare. They also did a quick background check and discovered Cazeau was a wanted man, transit police said.

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Cazeau was being sought on two charges in Quincy District Court dating back to 2010. He is charged with breaking and entering and, in a separate case, distribution of Class B drugs.

Cazeau allegedly told police he is a crack cocaine user who smoked the addicting drug earlier on Monday. Police recovered a crack pipe when they arrested him.

Cazeau, who is 25 years old and a Vista Avenue resident, today was given a ride to the court by transit police. No fare required.