Quincy man charged with pulling gun on tow truck driver

A 42-year-old Quincy man allegedly pointed a gun at a tow truck driver’s head and threatened to kill him after his car was mistakenly towed Sunday night, police said.

The driver towed a gray Acura from the Lincoln Heights apartment complex in Quincy after he failed to see a resident sticker, said Quincy Police Captain John Dougan. The sticker was in the upper left corner of the windshield, but was difficult to see because the top few inches of the windshield were tinted, he said.

Brian Carroll, who lives in the Centre Street complex, was “very upset” that his car was towed and contacted the towing company, Dougan said. The driver apologized for the mistake and promised to return the car immediately free of charge.

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When the driver brought the vehicle back, he noticed a dark-colored SUV following him. The driver unhooked the car and Carroll jumped out of the SUV, yelling and swearing at him, Dougan said.

The driver, who had two female passengers, apologized again, and Carroll allegedly responded with a curse, telling the driver to “drop” the car “or lose your life,” while pointing a gun at the driver’s head, Dougan said.

Officers responded to the scene and interviewed the witnesses, who corroborated the driver’s story, Dougan said.

Carroll told police that he felt threatened when he saw the two females get out of the tow truck, Dougan said.

Dougan said officers found a fully loaded 9mm handgun on Carroll, and that police are investigating whether the weapon was registered.

Carroll was arrested on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and threatening to commit a crime.