State receives 22 proposals to open new charter schools, including 5 in Boston

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education received 22 proposals to open new charter schools across the state, including five in Boston, education officials announced today.

“Charter schools provide parents and students with important public school options as they consider the educational program that best meets their needs,” Mitchell Chester, commissioner of elementary and secondary education, said in a statement. “I look forward to reviewing these prospectuses and inviting those groups that meet our application criteria to submit final proposals.”

This will likely be the last time the department accepts new charter schools in Boston for quite some time because the city is near a state-imposed cap on the number of students who can enroll in such schools. Because of that, charter school advocates plan to have legislation filed next year on Beacon Hill that would allow more students to enroll in charter schools.

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The five proposals in Boston include:

— Brooke Charter School is proposing to open a fourth campus in the city that would serve 500 students in kindergarten through grade 8.

— City on a Hill is seeking to open a second high school campus that would serve 280 students.

— Match Charter School wants a third campus for 216 students in grades 6 through 8.

— Heights Academy Charter School, which appears to be a new entity, is requesting an elementary school for 312 students.

— Unlocking Potential, working in partnership with the Boston public schools, is proposing to convert an existing city elementary or K-8 school into a district-run charter that would serve 400 students to be called UP Academy II.