Boston police investigate reports of cars ‘keyed’ in Back Bay

A keyed BMW in the area this morning
A keyed BMW in the area this morning
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Boston police are investigating reports of multiple cars being “keyed” in the city’s Back Bay section.

Police said they had received reports of two cars being keyed and believed there had been numerous other cases.

Residents estimated that about 40 cars had been vandalized on Back Street from Arlington to Massachusetts Avenue. Back Street is the small road that runs parallel to Storrow Drive behind the buildings on Beacon Street in the area.

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Keying is when a sharp object (such as a key) is used to scratch the paint on a car.

Police responded to a radio call for vandalism at about 6:40 p.m. Monday. A victim told them her car had been vandalized between midnight and 7 a.m. Monday. Officers saw multiple vehicles that were damaged in the same way, police said in a statement.

About a half-dozen cars with obvious scratches on them could be seen on the street this morning. Others had apparently been driven away.

Residents said the vandalism was a shame and could not recall any similar outbreak in the past.

Police asked anyone with information to call 617-343-5619. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call 700-494-TIPS or text the word “TIP” to CRIME (27463).