Census: Boston’s population continues to rise

Boston’s population continues to rise, according to the latest Census numbers.

The city’s population increased from 617,594 in the 2010 Census to 625,087 in 2011, an increase of 7,493 or 1.2 percent, the US Census announced today, releasing its latest population estimates.

“Boston is an attractive city and the numbers prove that,” Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino said in a statement “Our growing housing stock, our new jobs, and our strong neighborhoods continue to attract people to our great city.”

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The latest figures were consistent with a recent trend of increasing population in the city.

The 2010 Census figures represented an increase of more than 28,000 since 2000. It was the first time the city’s population had topped 600,000 since the 1970s, the Globe reported. The 4.8 percent growth from 2000 to 2010 far outpaced the 2.6 percent growth in the 1990s.