State Police probe allegations that off-duty trooper drove wrong way on Memorial Drive

State Police are conducting an internal investigation into reports that two on-duty troopers did not fully investigate an off-duty trooper who was allegedly driving the wrong way on Memorial Drive in Cambridge last week.

In a statement, State Police spokesman David Procopio identified the off-duty trooper as Adam Paicos. He said Paicos has been placed on restricted duty while the investigation is underway. He did not identify the on-duty troopers.

“The Massachusetts State Police are investigating a recent incident of alleged wrong-way operation on Memorial Drive by an off-duty state trooper in a personal vehicle,’’ Procopio said in the statement. “The investigation is also examining how the incident was handled when other troopers located the off-duty trooper next to his vehicle in a nearby parking lot.’’

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Procopio added, “the trooper who was allegedly operating the wrong way, Adam Paicos, has been placed on restricted duty for the duration of the investigation.’’

The incident involving Paicos was first reported by WBZ-TV on Monday. The television station reported that the two troopers spotted Paicos driving the wrong way on Memorial Drive.

When the troopers began to pursue him, Paicos pulled over in a parking lot, identified himself as a trooper and was allowed to leave the scene, the station reported.

The station said Paicos is the son of Foxborough Town Manager Kevin Paicos.