Passengers rescue man who fell onto track at Haymarket Station on Green Line

Sharp-eyed passengers stepped in this afternoon and prevented an MBTA Green Line car from running over an apparently drunken man who had fallen onto the tracks at Haymarket Station, the T said today.

The T posted images from the its surveillance camera system that show a man getting out of the first car at Haymarket at 12:17 p.m. today. The man suddenly disappeared from view while walking near the wheel well on the Green Line train.

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The operator is seen closing the door to the train. But just as the operator was about to drive off, a woman who was standing on the platform rushed over and banged on the window of the operator’s cabin, leading the operator to halt forward movement.

Then, a group of about a half dozen passengers gathered and pulled the man up and back onto the platform.

The rescuers then melted away.

“Preventing a tragedy, customers on the platform alerted the trolley operator of the situation before the train started to move,” T spokesman Joseph Pesaturo said in a statement. “The MBTA would like to express its gratitude to the customers who ‘Saw Something, and Said Something’ before it was too late.’’

Pesaturo said the man was unharmed.