Black bear sighted again on Cape Cod

He’s back. The black bear that has been bumbling through backyards and cranberry bogs for over a week on Cape Cod has popped up once again, this time in Provincetown, authorities said.

At least two people saw the bear walking along Route 6 and then veering off into Cape Cod National Seashore property, police said.

“There’s nowhere else for him to go,” said Provincetown Police Sergeant Carrie Lopes. “He’s somewhere in the national park now.”

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Lopes said officials from the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife are working with Provincetown police to monitor the bear and determine whether it poses a threat to public safety.

The peripatetic black bear has been spotted in numerous Cape towns since May 27 and is thought to be the same one that frequented much of southeastern Massachusetts last summer. The animal has been spotted at least 15 times, the state officials said.

“He has been almost surprisingly predictable. He has been traveling in a pretty good straight line paralleling [Routes] 6 and 6A,” Jason Zimmer, the southeast district manager for the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, said last week. “At this point, he is getting into situation where if he moves further east, it is going to get more developed, and there will be less forest for him to move.”

State officials say the bear most likely got to the area by swimming across the Cape Cod Canal.