Firefighters called to hazardous materials incident at Con-Way Freight in Dracut

Three people were sent to a local hospital and released after a hazardous materials scare today in the back of a truck at an industrial park in Dracut, fire officials said.

Hazardous material crews from the Dracut Fire Department reported to the scene just before 10 a.m. at a Con-Way Freight location on McGrath Road, said Fire Chief David Brouillette.

He said three employees opened the trailer and smelled what they thought was natural gas. They immediately closed the trailer, called emergency personnel, and were transported to the hospital where they were examined and released.

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The building was also evacuated.

Investigators said there was no hazardous leak within the trailer and turned the scene over to the trucking company’s industrial specialist.

Brouillette said a harmless chemical that is commonly used as a food preservative was found on the floor of the trailer.