State Police say test shows that swift currents could have swept toddler in Rockport out to sea

State Police say a float test conducted Wednesday morning in Rockport showed that swift currents could have swept a 2-year-old toddler out to sea last month, a spokesman said.

“We put a float in the water and a diver underneath and they shot out into the ocean,” said State Police spokesman David Procopio. “Within 15 minutes, the float and the diver underneath were swept out in the currents.”

Procopio said State Police investigators believe there is no evidence of foul play in the death of Caleigh Harrison.

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Authorities say Harrison went missing around noon on April 19 during an outing with her mother and 4-year-old sister on Long Beach in Rockport. Her mother said she lost sight of the girls when she went to retrieve a ball. State Police said the mother could have been away for as long as two minutes. When she returned, Caleigh was gone.

Procopio stressed that investigators have received more than 200 tips from people in the area and out of state and followed up on everything. “We have no evidence of foul play. Nobody saw anyone in the area who could have committed an abduction. Nobody saw any cars or people,” he said.

He said the test reaffirmed that a strong current in the area could take an object far into the ocean.

State Police said late last month that they had placed weighted buoys into the current and followed the paths they had taken and searched those areas. They also said they had put a dog in an inflatable boat and let the current take it and had the dog search everywhere it landed.

They also said they had consulted with commercial fishermen and the harbormaster to learn about the currents and prevailing tides.

Caleigh’s father went on the “Nancy Grace” show on HLN earlier this month, maintaining the older sister “mentioned a man on the beach that took her sister.”