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Ted Williams, 1918-2002

Legendary Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams, the last baseball player to hit above .400, has died. Share your thoughts about The Kid.

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I never saw Ted Williams play. I was born 20 years after he retired. But I can still say that he was without a doubt the greatest hitter of all time.

joel, chelmsford

Greatest hitter ever.

brian m lee, Lakewood

Hit a HOME RUN in HEAVEN ted!!!!

Troy , Port Orange

Best hitter ever - hands down. A tremendous asset to the game. I can't believe he's dead.

Greg, Boston

Red Sox Nation is deeply sad for the lost of one of Baseball's Greatest. I feel deep sorrow. Maybe his spirit will take the Red Sox to win the orld Series this year!

Dennis J. Doherty, Nahua, NH

The greatest sports hero this town has ever had....my favorite story is the one Curt Gowdy talks of: Curt ran into Sen. John Glenn at an evening honoring American heroes (including Williams) and asked the Senator if he was here for one of the others being honored. Senator Glenn replied that he was there to honor the greatest pilot he had ever flown with; Ted Williams. Sports Icon, War Hero. I hope the press go easy on his son.

john, needham

Simply the best.

Ken, Boston

Ted Williams was a great ball player, his play on the field was only exceeded by his actions off the field. Joining the service in WWII was something that many baseball players who argue over the figures and go on strikes would not do.

Red_Sox, Fairfax, VA

Let us not forget in addition to being the greatest hitter of all time he was one hell of a Marine Pilot! He did everything for his love of baseball and the only thing that surpassed that was his duty to his country! Semper Fi Ted!

Tim Cahir, Crystal Lake IL

I never saw him play a game, but I do remember him hitting batting practice when he was managing the Washinton Senators and they were at Fenway. He was tagging the ball so hard, you would have thought he could still play against live pitching!

chuck, Littleton

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