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Safety in nightclubs

In the wake of last night's fatal fire at a Rhode Island nightclub and a stampede earlier this week at a Chicago venue, safety measures at clubs nationwide will likely be reevaluated. What measures should be taken in Boston to ensure the safety of its nightspots? What lessons can be learned -- by venue owners and concertgoers alike -- in terms of safety at clubs? .

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What bothers me to most is that because of the size of this club there were no sprinklers. Obviously this code went wrong. It may have been possible for these people to get out safe if the fire was controlled by srpinklers. Also, some of the clubs in Boson block door/fire exits so people can't sneak in. I think that they should consider having someone man each door instead of blocking them. Overall this tragedy is just horrible. My heart and prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones in the fire, and also to those who were injured. You are all in my heart.

KB, Boston

Ban all fireworks indoors. Limit occupancy. Have a safety announcement like when you get on an airplane. Exits are here and here, don't run, etc.


I think pyrotechnics should not be allowed in any club, period. The lesson to be learned here is to take a mental note of all emergency exits whenever you go anywhere.

Susan, Southborough

Nowadays you really aren't safe anywhere. Being in places with crowds of people, especially where alcohol is present is risky. We can't go around with the thought that crazy things only happen to others. Nobody has any guarantees when they arise and start a new day.

jonny, chelsea

In Boston, they have Fire Inspectors who are employed through the Fire Departments. They investigate restaurants and night clubs on a nightly basis. They fine these clubs and restaurants if they do not meet fire codes. They also investigate these night clubs for over crowdiness and fire safety. I feel that all states should have these inspectors who make the owners comply with the codes and crowd capacity,so that tragedies like the fire in Rhode Island would be eliminated. Recently, the Fire Commissioner in Boston tried to eliminate the Fire Inspector jobs entirely. I think that this should be re-considered, because if the fire inspectors were not doing their jobs then we might of had something like this happen in Boston.

Fern, Boston, MA

I think Jack Russell of Great White and his tour manager should go to jail. How dare Jack play the blame game while families are desperately looking for their loved ones. Shame on him. He's obviously concerned about getting sued, and that's about it. He only cares about razzing the crowds for his cheesy shows (using pyro as padding for his lack of talent, I presume) and not the safety of his own fans!!! How completely irresponsible. I think people like him forget that each individual life is important to 1000's of others. He and his pals think they're above getting permission to do stupid stunts like indoor pyro in a matchbox building. Shameful tragedy, and my hearts really go out to families of lost loved ones.

lauren, boston

Have brighter or better illuminated (more noticeable) signs for ALL exits so people don't cause chaos trying to fit a largre number of people out of one small exit.

John , Green Harbor

i think the club owners just need to think more about what could actually happen in their club. No one needs to go nuts about this but clearly we all have some responsibility. Its just a very sad situation and I truly hope all of the families can deal with this... I am so sorry it happened. I dont like to hear people blaming the band either... theres enough finger pointing with everything else in this world. lets just all learn from this is we can and do our best to appreciate every day we have.

dave, boston

I will now always request a table nearest the exit. Great White should be arrested and locked up for life.

fred, salem

I've dj'd at clubs where the fire laws were clearly ignored. As the daughter and sister of firefighters I'm lucky to know to always look for TWO exits out of any venue. Its a shame it'll take a devastating tragedy like this to improve the laws.

Jen, cambridge

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