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Your thoughts on the conflict in the Mideast

Do you think the Israeli offensive in the West Bank is an effective way to halt terror attacks against Israelis? Do you think the United States has been an effective leader in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations? Are you concerned the conflict is making a terrorist attack on the US more likely? Share your thoughts.

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I read the Globe every day. Being originally from up in those parts. Where does it say that the U.S. is in charge. Innocents are being killed on both sides. Let them work it out. Let's find alternatives to the "black gold" in those parts -- we'll be ok.

Anna Brennan, Washington, D.C.

Arafat does not really care about the Palestinians. He is a dirt bag terroist using this conflict for personal gain. Arafat throughout the years has held his people hostage to his own agenda. Peace in the middle east can only be achieved when a true leader of the palestinians, one who wants to resolve this conflict, steps forward to replace Arafat.

M. Anderson, Littleton

It is unbelievable how ignorant people on this Board are. Israel NEVER belonged to the Palestinans and any so-called occupied territories are occupied because they were won in a war--NOT STARTED BY ISRAEL. For all you ignorant people, the TRUE homeland of the Palestinians is Jordan. Last I checked, Jordan was 70% Palestinian but all 70% are treated as second-class citizens, the same as they are treated everywhere in the Arab world. Please research your facts before posting messages. And, for those who say that the U.S. does not need Israel as an ally, do yourself a favor and read some history books on the 20th century.

Mark, Cambridge

It's time to reserve space for Sharon and his Cabinet at the Hague.

Michael, Cambridge

There are only two ways to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East. The most difficult path to follow is to bring about parity between Israel and Palestine--establish a Palestinian state with well-defined borders. An easier approach is to entirely annihilate the Palestinians, essentially the same approach taken on our continent with the native americans, and the approach favored by Ariel Sharon. There will be no lasting peace until one of these two ends is achieved. The U.S. can have more impact on the choice of paths than any other nation in the world (except for Israel). It is a test of our belief in justice which of these choices we fight for. Like the american indians, the Palestinians have a legitimate claim to the West Bank. Like the Israelis, the Palestinians deserve the right to establish their own government and to enjoy security and prosperity.

Tim Maxton, Derry, NH

It is a war torn country with wrongs on both sides and the US involvement both during the Clinton era and now during the Bush administration has not been overly helpful and at times harmful. As far as Israel being the bad guy, please remember this... Israel is fighting a war. In general, the Palestinian civilians who die are unintentional and horrific tragedies IN A WAR ZONE. The Palestinian suicide bombers, on the other hand, intentionally go into civilian locales and blow themselves up in order to intentionally kill civilians. Also, when the going gets a little too hot Arafat will agree to a "cease-fire" knowing that he is not responsible when it breaks down two weeks later because a suicide bomber breaks it. Not having an organized army - but a very powerful terrorist backing - is to Arafat's PR advantage. Also, please keep in mind that all media is more or less biased on this issue so the stories that run across our screens and our newspapers have a slant. (I can say this as I have had the opportunity to watch the American media while temporarily living in Jerusalem when all of this started.) Both people are hurting immensely and both sides are wrong at different points -- and what can we do to bring an end to this war that is much older than September 2000 -- but even millenia old? Pray effectively.

Jill, Boston

The US should do everything necessary to have the Israelis withdraw from the occupied territories and to establish a sovereign Palestine that can exist and develop without constantly being suffocated by the state of Israel.

Alexander, Cambridge

Terrorists are terrorists. How can America tell Israel not to go after and uproot these terrorists when we are in the process of doing this ourselves all over the world? If America were surrounded by these animals we would be doing the same thing. If the palestinians rely on terrorists to get their point across they are doomed. Arafat is a disgusting excuse for a leader and if the Palestinians decide to follow his model of leadership they are doomed. Israel is surrounded by countries that would nuke them if they could. They should go after every known terrorist until they are eliminated. Just like we are.

Red, Dorchester

Why am I not surprised at the anti-Israel rhetoric taking up most of the space in areas like this and also in the media. The fact of the matter is that if you personally are against Isreal you have to look at your conscience. What is your motivation for choosing Arab terrorists over a western democracy? Do you really hates Jews that much? You should know that Israel is not jewish. Israel is a country with a democratic government. You might be surprised to learn that religous jews are more of a minority in Israel that religiois christians are in this country. Did you know that people who consider themselves arab are the largets growing segment in Israel's population. Arab politicians make up roughly 20% of the Parliament. America was founded as a christian nation and there were some growing pains suffered by many groups. However, we would all have to agree that America is a pretty good place to be non-christian today. Why is nobody talking about the real issue going on in Israel today. The Palestinian people are led by terrorists and the people have never been given the opportunity to choose between living in a first-world western democracy and living in a third-world corrupt dictatorship.

Paul, Boston, MA

The Palestinian movement has found a way to wage war - with some success - against Israel. Israel must - and will - seek defense. There can be no solution until the Palestinian state renounces its goal, to destroy Israel. The bombings are not just about securing the territories. Israel must also Israel eschew its goal of creating a "Greater Israel" through settling the occupied territories. These are great risks, for both groups. However, the cost of not taking those risks is rising.

AR, Natick

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