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Dramatic three-way duel ends with new men's champ: Legat
04/18/00 - This was the year the Boston Marathon ended up a drag race, when three men turned onto Boylston Street with a chance to win - and the least likely of them did.

Ndebera cools off Roba to claim first women's title for a Kenyan
04/18/00 - The hills of Newton had been sacred ground to Fatuma Roba, the stretch along which she had sealed her victories.

It's the local footnotes that keep tradition alive
04/18/00 - How would we explain this event to someone who has never been to Boston on Patriots Day?

Dramatic twist just adds to race
04/18/00 - Yesterday's drama began in Framingham, in front of a Magnavox store. That was the point at which a cluster of runners - most of them Kenyans - passed early leader Makoto Sasaki and quickly determined the winning pace of the Boston Marathon.

Hibell took it, personally
04/18/00 - Jamie Hibell sat shivering in the lobby of the Copley Plaza Hotel and pulled another shirt over the Spiderman tattoo on his right biceps and the dragon on his chest.

These amazing finishes are worth a second look
04/18/00 - This was a marathon, mind you, and not a 100-meter dash, a 440, or even a mile. Yet, what stirred the throngs yesterday were three men and three women, each dashing the final 485 yards of the Boston Marathon to the closest finish in the storied event's 104 years.

They had the good times rolling
04/18/00 - Franz took the fifth. No, it wasn't a McCarthy hearing.

Driscoll tops rival and DeMar
04/18/00 - No. 8! At last! Jean Driscoll waited a few yards beyond the finish of yesterday's Boston Marathon before raising her arms with a series of hearty whoops and a few ``Praise God!'' shouts.

Kipkemboi follows suit
04/18/00 - Kenyan Joshua Kipkemboi thinks his country has a sense of entitlement to the Boston Marathon. And why shouldn't he? His countrymen had won the men's race the past nine years.

Things were hopping in Hopkinton
04/18/00 - This sleepy New England hamlet transforms into the road running capital of the world for a few chaotic hours each year.

Red-letter day for blacks
04/18/00 - The rock music from the school radio station and the whistles, cheers, and high-fives from the chilled crowd huddled along the railing on Route 135 at Wellesley College warmed the marathoners' hearts, if not their bodies.

Reception was warming
04/18/00 - Holding a cardboard sign that read "12228 GO MAUREEN! 12228,'' Jay Pluger stood near the driveway of Dick and Margaret O'Brien's home at 336 Commonwealth Avenue, which is about 100 yards from the crest of Heartbreak Hill, and anxiously waited for his 37-year-old wife Maureen (No. 12228) to pass the 20-mile checkpoint.

Missions accomplished
04/18/00 - Last Friday, the Globe profiled six individuals who competed in yesterday's Boston Marathon _ ``Faces in the Crowd'' from among the nearly 18,000 official entrants.

Fair effort in foul weather
04/18/00 - There were thousands of them, and they had as much of a chance as a snowball in you-know-where.

By not getting in the pool, Channel 7 takes a dive
04/18/00 - >And that's why television stations pay to be in the Boston Marathon media pool.

Many were knocked cold
04/18/00 - Wearing only shorts, singlets, and silver Mylar blankets, runners filed into heated medical tents at the Boston Marathon finish area yesterday. They limped off buses with Ace bandages around their ankles and blisters covering their feet.

Her showing was masterful
04/18/00 - She got her running start in a physical education class in junior college, it took her to Arizona State on a scholarship, and it has taken her to the Olympics and the top of marathoning.

Able-bodied chair racer disqualified
04/18/00 - For the first time in memory, a wheelchair athlete was disqualified from the Boston Marathon after admitting that she is able-bodied, and a second was removed from the finishers' list pending verification that he is indeed disabled.

Crowds thin, packs thick in brisk air
04/18/00 - The famed Boston Marathon crowds were down yesterday. Blame it on the weather. The times were a little slow, too.

Defending champions hear footsteps
04/17/00 - If anything, it'll be tougher than ever to crack the Kenyan hegemony this time, since they're using the 104th running as their selection race for Sydney.

Meyer hopes to take a run at Roba
04/17/00 - Although the spotlight has focused sharply on Fatuma Roba's bid to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive title, today is the day her opponents will try to nudge her off the stage.

This Nixon steps to plate for charity
04/17/00 - She'll hop on a bus near Copley Square at dawn and ride out to the starting line in Hopkinton. He'll drive to Fenway Park and check the lineup card to see if he's batting second, playing right field against the Oakland A's.

Number crunching brings total to 17, 813
04/17/00 - The final tally of registered runners for today's Boston Marathon is 17,813, breaking down to 11,442 men and 6,371 women representing 55 countries.

Answering a long-distance call
04/17/00 - With no American man having won a major marathon in the United States since 1983, a bold plan to return US distance runners to the elite level has been put in place.

Khannouchi closing in on US citizenship
04/17/00 - Lawyers for Khalid Khannouchi, the world's fastest marathoner, are almost certain he will get his US citizenship May 3, his wife said yesterday.

Pinto sets course record in London
04/17/00 - The London Marathon is Antonio Pinto's race, and not even the world's fastest marathoner could stop him.

U.S. distance runners getting help
04/16/00 - With no American man having won a major marathon in the United States since 1983, a bold plan to return U.S. distance runners to the elite level has been put in place. USA Fila unveiled the project, called Discovery USA, Saturday night. It's modeled after Fila's successful Discovery Kenya plan, which produced 20 marathon champions throughout the world last year.

A fourth straight victory would put Fatuma Roba in a class by herself
04/16/00 - In the Boston Marathon's first 103 year, only four have had the chance to win four straight times -- and all fell short. It takes speed, strength, talent, toughness, nerve, and oh yes, more than a little luck. That's what Fatuma Roba will be chasing as she toes the line in Hopkinton at noon tomorrow.

For Joseph Chebet, title defense would come a spot on Olympic team
04/16/00 - Tomorrow, Joseph Chebet will try to become the 10th consecutive male from Kenya to win the Boston Marathon. Chebet does marathons well. But he doesn't do them naturally nor effortlessly. In fact, these 26.2-mile jogs are a pain in his back side. They are a pain in his neck, arms, and legs, too.

Different approaches: Frei, Nietlispach eye the same goal
04/16/00 - When the wheelchair racers hit full stride in the early going tomorrow, you can bet Heinz Frei won't be out in front. He doesn't expect to be. In fact, he prefers trailing at the outset. Four-time winner Franz Nietlispach employs the opposite strategy: get to the front of the pack, gain as big a lead as possible, then challenge everyone to catch up.

Driscoll, Sauvage gear up for another electrifying wheelchair finish
04/16/00 - Talk about painful losses. Two years ago in the women's wheelchair division of the Boston Marathon, Jean Driscoll was just raising her hands in victory at the tape when, much to her astonishment, Louise Sauvage whizzed past her to claim the victory by .2 seconds. As defending champion, Sauvage said Thursday, she's glad to see Driscoll is back to keep ''a great rivalry'' going.

Marathon notebook: Plenty of memories for Gareau
04/16/00 - Jacqueline Gareau is happy with her life. At 47, she devotes most of her time to her son, has taken up cycling, and is enjoying the journey of growing older and ''learning to sit still.' She hopes Rosie Ruiz has learned a few things, too. ''I wish she has more wisdom,' said Gareau yesterday, in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her 1980 win that almost wasn't.

She refuses to let MS beat her
04/16/00 - When Jan Fuller was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1994, her head filled with frightening images about the disease. Memories of public service announcements featuring a wheelchair set against a black background flashed through her mind. She could practically hear the solemn voiceover: ''MS the crippler of young adults.''

Is separate start better?
04/15/00 - When the gun goes off Sunday morning at the London Marathon, women will be getting a jump on things: Since 1991, the race has provided between 75 and 100 elite women athletes a separate start, 30 minutes ahead of the rest of the field. Although Boston Marathon officials concede a separate start has been discussed for several years, nothing is expected to change any time soon.

Beeman eager to run 23d straight race
04/15/00 - Mike Beeman was far more basketball player than runner when he first got the urge to run the Boston Marathon. ''Running was a vehicle to get in shape for basketball season,'' said Beeman, now the boys' basketball coach and a business teacher at Londonderry High School in New Hampshire.

Born to lose: Rabbits run, records fall
04/14/00 - Despite a growing trend for top marathons to pay a set of pace setters, known as "rabbits," to help ensure ever-faster times, Boston isn't joining the chase because, everyone seems to agree, it doesn't need to.

Pilkington a true pace setter
04/14/00 - Perhaps the most famous rabbit in history is Paul Pilkington, who in the 1994 Los Angeles Marathon found himself so far ahead that he just kept going, and went on to win. Says Pilkington, now 41, ''I don't think anyone is going to let the rabbit get away again.''

Handicapping the men's field
04/14/00 - Kenyan runners have won nine straight Boston Marathons, part of a stretch in which foreign runners have triumphed for 16 straight years. Although it's no reach to pick a Kenyan to win the 104th race, what is tough is to single out which one, considering the race is serving as Kenya's Olympic trials.

Handicapping the women's field
04/14/00 - Foreign women have won 14 straight Boston Marathons. The surprise is that not one of them was a Kenyan. Both streaks could continue this year. A third streak comes into play in picking a Boston winner. No woman has won more than three straight Boston races, a standard that three-time women's defending champion Fatuma Roba is seeking to break Monday when she goes for No. 4 in a row.

Channel 7 makes waves jumping out of pool
04/14/00 - Channel 7, which is known for its noisy hype, has been airing promotions touting its ''start-to-finish'' live coverage of the Boston Marathon. The only problem with the boast is that it's not true.

Faces in the crowd
04/14/00 - You won't find Martin Duffy, Adam Ellis, Paula Garland, Eric Hall, Rob Kerwin, or Pam Silver in the winner's circle or collecting a big paycheck Monday. But that is not the motivation behind their months of training for this year's Boston Marathon.

Men's masters: Kuznetsov has mastered hurdles to race
04/14/00 - Andrey Kuznetsov, 42, won the masters division in that Boston race in 1998; he successfully defended the title the next year, and is now back to try to make it three in a row. ''He's been the world's best master runner for the past two years,'' said Don Paul, Kuznetsov's agent

Just in it for the money for charities
04/14/00 - When nearly 18,000 runners take off in Hopkinton Monday, the back of the pack will include some important athletes. The Boston Athletic Association sets aside entry numbers for runners raising money for charity during the nation's oldest marathon. This year, 1,065 charity runners will trail the field, starting behind those who have qualified.

Cause hits home for qualifier
04/14/00 - Mae Connolly is running the Boston Marathon to raise money for the family of Stacey Peruzzi, a friend who died suddenly April 1, leaving six children between ages 15 and eight weeks. Connolly is one of an increasing number of qualified entrants who also run for charity, according to Boston Marathon officials.

Kenyans' nine-year winning streak challenges new runners to add another chapter
04/14/00 - Modesty prevents two-time Boston Marathon champion Moses Tanui from making predictions about Monday's race. Considering that Kenyan runners have dominated the last nine races, Tanui would not appear arrogant if he forecasted a win by one of his countrymen. But he cannot bring himself to make such a statement.

Marathon 2000 by the numbers
04/14/00 - Boston Marathon runners will consume 11,300 pounds of pasta and 100 pounds of black pepper and use 1.4 million paper cups. They will be guarded by 1,200 uniformed police officers, and watched over by 1,000 medical personnel. A look at the marathon by the numbers.

Marathon Notebook: Meyer seeking end game
04/14/00 - Most marathoners, male or female, would be overjoyed to run one race in 2 hours and 27 minutes, let alone three. But to Elana Meyer, it was a sign of trouble.

Women's masters: Pozdnyakova aims to right a wrong
04/14/00 - On the women's side of the masters division, the favorite is someone who won the race before. But neither she nor the race organizers knew it. Tatyana Pozdnyakova, 45, ran Boston in 1995 and had the fastest time in the masters race, but didn't win the division.

McGillivray sets a grueling pace to keep race on course
04/14/00 - Tucked into the back offices at the Boston Athletic Association's marathon headquarters on Clarendon Street, the windowless room where technical director Dave McGillivray works remains suprisingly uncluttered as race day approaches.

Kenyans' legacy goes distance into a Hopkinton elementary school
04/14/00 - ''Can anyone name a dynasty?'' the master of ceremonies at Elmwood Elementary School asked. Two images were projected on the back wall of the school gym. The Celtics logo on the right. A pack of runners leading the Boston Marathon on the left. Hands went up immediately with an answer. A young girl spoke up first: ''The Kenyans.''

TV/Radio Notebook: This year Roche's story has legs
04/14/00 - Dan Roche of WBZ Radio (1030 AM) has covered plenty of Boston Marathons. This year's race is different for him, however. He's running in it, as is his wife, Pam. This is her second Boston Marathon, having finished last year's race in about 4 1/2 hours.

Kenyans get rock-star welcome in Hopkinton
04/13/00 -- Chanting "Kenya, Kenya, Kenya," a gymnasium full of elementary school students greeted a dozen of the Boston Marathon's most elite runners this morning. Walking beneath a curtain of smoke, backlit by a blue light, each runner from Kenya strode into the room to high-pitched squeals from 900 second-, third- and fourth-graders at Elmwood Elementary School.

Driscoll hoping close losses become a win
04/13/00 -- Jean Driscoll has learned just how much close losses hurt. In 1998 and 1999, she lost the Boston Marathon women's wheelchair race to Louise Sauvage by less than a second, leading her to wonder in frustration if she'd be back in 2000. She is, and vows this year will be different.

His goal: 200 marathons this year
04/13/00 -- Jerry Dunn concedes the possibility he's a bit nuts. It seems as good an explanation as any why he's attempting to run 200 marathons this year, including 17 straight this month on the Boston Marathon course -- the last one on Monday, race day.

Tracking runners, shoe by shoe
04/13/00 -- This year, Boston Marathon officials are using computer technology to keep track of more than splits and finish times. An Intranet will link anxious friends and relatives with their marathoner of choice. Whether it's a woman who can't find her husband, a worried mother trying to figure out which hospital her daughter was taken to, or someone tracking a training partner, the Intranet system should help locate them.

Marathon winner finds a new career: coaching
04/12/00 -- Lisa Rainsberger has the distinction of being the last American woman to win the Boston Marathon, and she doesn't like it one bit. ''It's sad,'' said the woman who, as Lisa Weidenbach, crossed the finish line first in 1985 and who will be in town this weekend to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her victory.

Hoyts keep rolling again
04/11/00 -- At first, no one knew what to make of them. When the Boston Athletic Association was approached in 1980 by a 40-year-old man from Holland, Mass., asking to enter the Boston Marathon as the ''arms and legs'' for his wheelchair-bound son, Rick, who had been born with cerebral palsy, the governing body balked. Now it wouldn't be a marathon without them.

Striding to be king of clubs
04/10/00 -- Beyond the individuals, team competition is very much a part of the Boston Marathon scene as two old rivals -- the GBTC and the Boston Athletic Association -- continue to slug it out, with the BAA defending the men's title won last year with the fastest three cumulative times (7:30:17) since 1995.

Many miles ago, Rodgers ran to Boston glory
04/09/00 -- Twenty-five years ago, it seemed that foreign runners had a stranglehold on the Boston Marathon. From around the world they came to capture this crown jewel of the marathoning world. Then, in the 1975 race, a local runner named Bill Rodgers burst upon the scene, winning Boston and helping to usher in the running boom.

Rodgers still a force into his 50s
04/09/00 -- Twenty-five years after his first Boston victory, Bill Rodgers remains a guy who races regularly and "still likes to win my division." Since he turned 50 two years ago, he has won his division in 90 percent of the races he's run.

Roba, Chebet to defend titles in 2000
03/29/00 -- Defending champions Fatuma Roba of Ethiopia and Joseph Chebet of Kenya will return to defend their titles in Boston Marathon 2000, leading a list of 34 elite athletes announced yesterday by sponsor John Hancock.

Organizers expect 20,000 for first race of millennium
03/17/00 -- Nearly twice the number of runners as usual will teem from Hopkinton to Boston for the millennium's first Boston Marathon on April 17th. Race organizers at the Boston Athletic Association expect 20,000 official participants, the largest field since the 100th running in 1996.

Race Day Coverage
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