2010 Marathon Runner Profile
Albina Mayorova-Ivanova
Hometown: Cheboksary, Russia
Age: 32
Personal best: 2:25:35 (Chicago, 2003)

Career notes: Albina Mayorova-Ivanova debuted at the marathon distance in 2001, finishing runner-up at the Siberian International Marathon in Omsk. Mayorova thought she could do well at the distance and with the encouragement of her coach, Mikhail Kuznetsov, ran five marathons in 2002, winning in Dubai and Omsk. She continues to be prolific on the roads. Mayorova came to Boston in 2003 and placed sixth behind her teammate and winner Svetlana Zakharova. After Boston she ran in Chicago, London and the Olympics with mixed results. In Asia she has won in Nagano twice and this past December won in Singapore. She is returning to form after the birth of her daughter, Olga.

Personal notes: Mayorova enjoyed cross-country ski racing as a youth, but soon transitioned to running when she found success at local races and was invited to attend the School of the Olympic Reserve to hone her talent. Mayorova is a sports teacher and also a graduate of the Cheboksary Physical Culture College. She is married to former runner Evgeniy Mayorov, and enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading modern literature and listening to classical music. She trains in Kislovodsk with her Russian teammates.
-- Courtesy BAA