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2004 Boston Marathon
 top men
1. T. Cherigat, 2:10:37
2. R. Cheboror, 2:11:49
3. M. Lel, 2:13:38
Top 100 men
 top women
1. C. Ndereba, 2:24:27
2. E. Alemu, 2:24:43
3. O. Jevtic, 2:27:34
Top 100 women
 men's wheelchair
1. E.F. Van Dyk 1:18:27
2. J. Jeannot 1:21:08
3. F. Nietlispach 1:23:07
Top wheelchairs
 women's wheelchair
1. C. Blauwet 1:39:53
2. E. Hunkeler 1:41:13
3. S. Graf 1:42:13
Top wheelchairs
The starting line
To the winners go the spoils: Kenyans Timothy Cherigat (left) and Catherine Ndereba (right) can rest on their laurels after Boston Marathon victories.

Hotfooting it

On a brutal afternoon when the mercury soared to 85 degrees, Kenyan Timothy Cherigat ran away from the last two victors (who both dropped out) and 20,000 other pursuers to become the Boston Marathon's 108th champ.
 Ndereba keeps her cool to win women's race again  Climate-controlled

Heat was too much to bear

More than 1,100 runners suffered dehydration, heart ailments, and other medical problems at the Boston Marathon in near-record heat, more than twice as many injuries as medical officials have seen in years.
Photo Gallery photo gallery: Heat made for a tough run
 heartbreak hill: There was plenty of support to top it off

New rule a hit

Maybe they should have consulted the people who put together those Guinness commercials. "Carry six beers at one time? Brilliant!" In this case ... "Let the best women start a half-hour ahead of the men? Brilliant!" (By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist)

Van Dyk right on the mark

Ernst Van Dyk, 31, had a goal when he started the men's wheelchair race yesterday. He attained it with ease. He also reached another goal, one he could only have dreamed of: setting a course record.
 women's wheelchair: Blauwet wins

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Personal best: DVD records journey
An approximately 20-minute personalized memento that has already made a successful debut at the Ironman Triathlon and Honolulu and Los Angeles Marathons and will be offered to Boston Marathon runners for $49.95.
  Marathon DVD

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