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Your favorite Love Letters of all time

Pick your top 10 Love Letters from our list of the top 50 most trafficked posts of the past five years.
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  • Got drunk at the Christmas party

  • Hooked up with the bartender

  • The issue of pornography

  • She has cancer and I want out

  • I'm tempted to cheat

  • She gained weight

  • Made out with a co-worker

  • How much should I share?

  • The gift that keeps on giving

  • I pay for everything

  • She had a good time

  • He sleeps on the couch

  • Did I marry the wrong guy?

  • Am I having an emotional affair?

  • He refuses to drink

  • Am I Shallow Hal?

  • Updates and more updates (2010)

  • She's a 10

  • Can I grow to love my friend?

  • Forgiving his dark secret

  • My wife stinks

  • I like my friend's dad

  • He got naked with others

  • My wife has let herself go

  • Is my boyfriend gay?

  • She's chatting with someone she dated

  • Is my marriage over?

  • I hooked up with my best friend's boyfriend

  • I dread his return

  • Is this younger man interested?

  • She wants to wait until marriage... for everything

  • He's a dud in the bedroom

  • Men and strip clubs

  • I found a racy picture on his computer

  • I don't like my husband

  • My boyfriend's late-night activities

  • My girlfriend and my 'special friend'

  • Our sex life isn't what it used to be

  • I want to leave my wife

  • I cheated at the beach

  • What's wrong with this picture?

  • I changed my mind about him

  • Play me some music (2013)

  • His e-mails to his co-worker are inappropriate

  • Found out he was married

  • Dating a married man

  • He said my friend looked hot

  • He looks old

  • An affair among friends

  • Is it weird that I'm not divorced

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