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Do we really need National Singles Week?

Posted by Karyn Polewaczyk  September 19, 2013 02:00 PM

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Hey, friends. Did you know that it’s National Singles Week? Err, sorry. I mean, it’s Unmarried and Single Americans Week. Go on—get those party shoes out and celebrate!

Surprised? You’re not alone (no pun intended). I learned of this momentous occasion just today, via a rogue tweet, which is why my post is somewhat late to the game. Sorry about that! I was busy being single, doing things that single people do.

Like, eating. And sleeping. Meeting with a friend for coffee. Checking out a few museums, reading some books, wondering if it’s too early in the season to pull out my beloved Frye boots. Checking out my rear end in the reflection of the coffee shop I met my friend at and wondering if it’s too early in the season to pull out my beloved Spanx. You know, human being stuff, except the kind of stuff that is exclusively relegated to singles only.

And hey, I get it. I’ve been to my fair share of showers—baby, bridal, wedding—to know that single people sometimes get the short end of the stick (and a lackluster table assignment next to hunky Cousin Bruce from South Dakota). I’ve got nosy family members who want to know when I’m going to pick a guy and settle down, already. There’s no “single person” tax credit, no gift registry for singles to declare their singlehood with (unless you’re a fictional character from a popular television series), and no option, at least yet, to share a health insurance premium with a friend.

Still, I don’t see the point in making a grand declaration of my marital status (or lack thereof), or, as this woman did, creating a list of all of the reasons why being single is, like, so awesome. This “us versus them” attitude is the very reason why singles (and couples) can become so defensive about their respective place on the relationship totem pole, and why the U.S. Census Bureau decided to craft a pity week for the unmarried to begin with. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a woman with a naked left ring finger against the big, bad world.

If you really feel like proving a point about how much your life rocks, go out and live it—unabashedly, without apology, and according to your own terms.

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Karyn Polewaczyk lives and writes in Boston, and believes that heading out into that good night, like any adventure, begins with the first step. Let's Go Out is a conversation about dating and nightlife in our notoriously chilly city, with first-hand tips from the trenches. Karyn's writing, which focuses largely on women's lifestyle topics, has appeared in the Weekly Dig, Jezebel, xoJane, Northshore Magazine and, among others. Follow her on Twitter at @KarynPolewaczyk.

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