Singles of the week

The mid-30s edition

Dinner With Cupid’s singles of the week
Dinner With Cupid’s singles of the week

This week’s singles are all 35 years old. Know anyone looking to date someone in his or her mid-30s? Send them to to sign up.

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Attention Bradley Cooper-look-alikes: This 35-year-old loves skiing and Homeland and “will try anything once.” Who would play her in a movie? Kate Beckinsale.

He’s 35, loves golf, grilling, and reality TV. In fact (big secret), he’s always wanted to be on Big Brother. Let’s allow him to brag a tiny bit: “I’m someone you could bring home to meet your parents, and I know they would like me.” Dates women.

She looks like Candace Cameron, but still thinks ScarJo could play her in a movie: “She’s gorgeous in a non-mainstream way, and in my mind we have the same curves.” A doctor in primary care, she drives a stick shift, loves oysters, and is looking for an active guy.