Singles of the Week

Three singles you just might want to date

She’s 22 and beautiful, dates men, and her perfect Saturday begins with reading The Wall Street Journal over eggs or waffles. Later on, she’ll meet friends for drinks and dinner, then go “anywhere that I can dance.” She also says she’ll try “almost anything at least once.”

He’s a 25-year-old Ryan Gosling look-alike, very tall, who loves animals and is a romantic. He wants to meet a sweet guy who’ll make him breakfast and won’t mind naming the dog Cooper (after Anderson, he says).

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A transplant from the West Coast, she’s looking for Mr. Right. At 40, “I am just drawn to men with kind eyes and a great smile and a heart they wear on their sleeve,” she says. She isn’t particularly tall, and doesn’t care if you are tall or short or in between.

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