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Dinner With Cupid

Getting a clue

What unites two people? It’s a mystery.

By Melissa Schorr
September 18, 2011

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JASON MURRAY > 31, technical writer

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH > He is outgoing and can talk to a brick wall.

HIS INTERESTS > I will always be on the dance floor if a good song is on.

MOLLY BROWN > 28, fund-raising manager

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH > She’s well balanced; she can spend the evening watching movies or put on heels and dance into the night.

WHAT HER EXES SAY > She’s a great kisser.



JASON Before the date, I found a nice place and read a book in the beautiful weather we were having.

MOLLY I listened to Lady Gaga, did my makeup, and called one of my girlfriends for some encouragement.

JASON I was a bit nervous but excited to see where things could go. 

MOLLY I was definitely nervous. First dates are stressful enough without knowing you are going to be publicly critiqued and graded.

JASON I arrived before the scheduled time. I asked for our reservation and sat outside at a table.

MOLLY I walked past a guy sitting alone, but I went ahead to the hostess and gave the name our reservation was under.

JASON I saw her walk past me and thought she might be my date.

MOLLY She walked me back out to that same guy and was kind of like, “Duh, he’s right there.”

JASON I found her attractive. She had amazing eyes and a really nice smile.

MOLLY He was cute – I liked that he had thick hair and seemed to be in good shape.   


JASON We were both movie buffs, so we talked about our favorites. I mentioned Clue as my top pick. She had this look and said, “Great choice,” which made me feel good.

MOLLY His all-time favorite movie is Clue, which definitely earned him

some points.

JASON I felt comfortable because she had a warm personality. As the date went on, we discovered various things we had in common and didn’t mind sharing some personal information.

MOLLY Jason was really nice and normal, so the conversation was really easy.

JASON Molly was attractive the entire night; I enjoyed looking into her eyes.

MOLLY When I first saw Jason, I thought, “He’s cute, but not really my type.” By the end of the night, I had a long list of things we had in common. Both of us have spent many summers going to Nantucket, so we spent a good chunk of time talking about our favorite things to do on the island.


JASON We didn’t go anywhere after the date, since it was getting late. Molly had to take a train and my car was parked in a garage, so we walked together until we reached the parking garage, where we stopped to talk. 

MOLLY Jason asked me if I want to hang out again, and since I’d had a nice time, I said yes and gave him my number. We hugged goodnight and went our separate ways.





JASON She was an attractive woman with a great personality and I hope we can see each other again.

MOLLY Jason and I got along really well and had a lot in common, but I didn’t feel a romantic connection. There is definite friendship potential.

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