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Dinner With Cupid

Off to the races

Will these two marathon runners go the distance?

By Melissa Schorr
September 11, 2011

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Brian Cappello > 39

Sales executive

What makes him a catch? > He loves to make people think, make them laugh, make them a BLT.

His ideal mate? > A busy, successful woman

Megan Cincotta > 35

Medical device marketer

Who plays her in the movie > Mila Kunis

What her exes would say > She’s career-driven and can take life too seriously.

7 p.m. 49 Social > Boston

>The warm-up

MEGAN I had butterflies in my stomach. I listened to Sigur Ros to calm my nerves.  

BRIAN I had the lowest expectations humanly possible. Since I knew nothing (except her name), I assumed the worst.  

MEGAN I arrived early and ordered a drink at the bar. I caught a glimpse of a man walking past the restaurant. I was disappointed when he continued past. Minutes later, that same gentleman walked in, and I knew it had to be Brian. 

BRIAN I typically run fashionably late, but didn’t want her bad-mouthing me to the press.

MEGAN [He had] brown wavy hair, a casual button-down shirt, and jeans. 

BRIAN I saw a really cute girl at the end of the bar. Naturally I assumed that couldn’t possibly be her, so I told the hostess I received a Western Union 10 years ago that stated I was to meet a girl named Megan at this exact location, at this exact minute. I’m not sure she got the Back to the Future [Part II] reference, but she laughed and pointed.

MEGAN He approached me without hesitation, wearing a smile that put me at ease.

BRIAN I was impressed . . . with her, and with Cupid. I definitely prefer brunettes, but the only hint I gave was that my preferred celebrity look-alike is Sandra Bullock in Speed.

>Pace yourself

MEGAN We talked about our applications and joked how we should’ve paid closer attention. I really didn’t remember most of the questions, let alone my answers.

BRIAN  I told her she was in Sandra Bullock’s league and that my mother was dying to know what celebrity she picked [as her look-alike]. Sadly, she couldn’t remember! (Do tell.)  

MEGAN Brian and I have a lot in common. Our backgrounds are half Italian and we come from a family of five. We’re early risers, both enjoy long-distance running. I trained for my first marathon this year, and Brian has completed at least three.BRIAN She apologized for being an early riser, to which I replied, “Me, too!”  

MEGAN I was hesitant to mention I was divorced, but as soon as I [did], he said, “Me, too,” so there wasn’t any tension.

>The homestretch

BRIAN [I] felt very comfortable – like I knew her the moment we met.  

MEGAN We exchanged numbers at the restaurant, so we had mutual interest.

BRIAN I forgot to ask her stance on how to roll the toilet paper, but slept tight on the assumption she rolls from the top.  

MEGAN After, Brian walked me to the T.

BRIAN She said something like “Well, Brian, it was great meeting you” and gave me a quick handshake-like hug. It was just as well, since I never go past third base on the first date anyway.  

MEGAN He called me later to make sure I arrived home safely, a sweet touch. 




>Second date?

BRIAN Yes. Right off the bat I got the sense.

MEGAN I’d like to see if the flickers turn into sparks.

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