Dinner With Cupid

Basic Biology

But will these two daters have any chemistry?

August 21, 2011

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Wendy Mayer, 26

Nonprofit events coordinator

Her interests: She’s a medicine nerd, biology major, and is becoming a certified EMT.

Her perfect day: Meet friends for ice-skating, candlepin bowling, or other mischief

Drew Nager, 25

Biology grad student

What makes him a catch: He’s from the South and grew up taking manners classes.

His interests: He’s a scientist but has weak spots for architecture, art history, and law.

7 p.m. Bergamot, Somerville


WENDY I did a short run before getting cleaned up for dinner.

DREW I picked up family at the airport.  After settling them in, I went home to iron a shirt and was off for the date.

WENDY I was late, but Drew was waiting for me like a gentleman when I stepped out of the cab. He was tall, which was great, because I was wearing 3-inch heels. Confident and smart-looking guy.

DREW She was appropriately dressed, nothing that would make me hesitant. I introduced myself, proclaimed I was starving, and opened the door for her. 


WENDY Drew told me about his work doing biology research, growing up in Texas, and his time as an undergrad at Vanderbilt. I also grew up in the South, but a very different experience coming from Savannah.

DREW She works for a nonprofit, raising funds for medical needs in impoverished areas.  We talked about how nonprofit work is rewarding, especially if it’s for a good cause. 

WENDY We both had Southern upbringings, enjoy cooking, and have background/interest in the sciences. We are curious and genuine people interested in learning more about those we meet.

DREW We talked a lot about food and restaurants. For eight months, she was a hostess at Clio (my favorite restaurant). 

WENDY Harry Potter came up, as the new movie had just opened. Drew teased me for having gone to see it on opening day–but I stand by my adoration for Mr. Potter.

DREW We talked about politics. She was quite knowledgeable. We also talked about college, majors, and some philosophy. I found out she was a volleyball player in high school and college. 

WENDY Drew was a great conversationalist. He was engaged and interested throughout dinner.

DREW I was comfortable throughout.  She was a nice person and easy to talk to.


WENDY While Drew and I had a great conversation, it didn’t have the “umph’’ you want to see on a great date. For me, it’s usually there or it isn’t.

DREW She had noble aspirations, was considering med school–all positives – but I don’t think either of us saw a potential partner.

WENDY It felt like a mutual decision.

DREW After dessert, we reached a lull in the conversation. I suggested we call it a night.

WENDY We walked outside, thanked each other. The goodbye hug said it all.

DREW We went our respective ways. She took a bus, I walked.




Second Date?

DREW No, I didn’t ask for her number.

WENDY Probably not. While we had fun, the two biology geeks just didn’t have any chemistry.

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