Dinner With Cupid

Take note

Will this date go down in Cupid history?

July 24, 2011

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John Pike, 50, freelance writer/editor

What makes him a catch: He just lost 250 pounds. And is keeping it off.

What he’d need on a desert island: newspapers, ice skates, and ice

Tamara Gaydos, 54, manuscript archivist

What makes her a catch: She’s smart, adventurous, energetic, and fun.

What her exes would say: She hates conflict and does anything to avoid it.

7 p.m. at Samuel’s, Andover

Background material

John: I was relaxed. Looking forward to it. [I did] nothing extraordinary to prepare for the date.

Tamara: I had worked all day, so I went home and took a shower. My daughters helped me pick out an outfit. I became a little nervous on the car ride over because I didn’t know anything about him.

John: I got there 20 minutes early. I waited on the couch. She got there exactly on time.

Tamara: The hostess pointed him out in the lounge. I went over and introduced myself.

For the record

John: She is very pretty.

Tamara: He was tall and slender and wore a black leather jacket.

John: She seemed relaxed.

Tamara: He seemed uncomfortable.

John: This is a great restaurant. I had a filet mignon, which I had not had in many years. Perfectly cooked. We talked about [whether] we had done online dating before. I told her I did it a few times in the 1990s via Craigslist, and she told me she had used eHarmony.

Tamara: We talked about his hometown – he and my ex-husband both grew up there.

John: We talked about people we may know in common, where we were from originally. And we talked about what we like to do.

Tamara: He is a freelance journalist and is writing a book for a college professor on an interesting topic. He plays hockey for five different teams. We talked about our jobs, music, his writing, and traveling. He has traveled to Europe and used to hike and ski when he was younger.

John: Once I got to know her a little bit, she seemed [even] more attractive.

Tamara: He is intelligent and told me a funny story about his trip to East Germany in the 1980s.

Differing accounts

John: We seemed to both enjoy knowing about Massachusetts history.

Tamara: [We had] not much [in common] – perhaps an interest in history. He was very uncomfortable, so I worked hard to make him relax.

John: I was always very comfortable.

Tamara: I was ready to leave after the meal because it was hard to keep conversation going. We didn’t seem to have much in common, which is a deal breaker for me. I said we should go. It was getting late and we both had to get up early the next day. He was going to hockey practice early in the morning. He walked me to the car and we said goodnight.

John: We shook hands, like we just sold insurance to each other.


Tamara: C

John: B

Second date?

Tamara: No, we really have nothing in common.

John: When we did not share phone numbers, that pretty much killed it.

– Melissa Schorr

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  • July 24, 2011 cover
  • July 24, 2011 cover
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