Dinner With Cupid

Small world

Will a shared alma mater unite this fun-loving pair?

April 17, 2011

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Sonia Anandraj, 28, senior credit analyst

What makes her a catch: She likes the finer things in life, but she loves a good corn dog.

What she’d need on a desert island: my best friends, Bananagrams, a martini or two.

Viraj Tyagi, 29, automation engineer

What he’d need on a desert island: iPhone, photos of great memories, knife

What his ideal mate would do for a living: She would work to live, not live to work.

7 p.m. Bangkok City Restaurant, Boston

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Sonia: I spoke with two friends during the week – one as a fashion consultant, the other as a date coach. I was coming straight from work and didn’t have time to get nervous.

Viraj: I hit the gym, showered, and started my taxes.

Sonia: I’m always early, so I was seated and had a glass of wine.

Viraj: I looked around and noticed a girl sitting by herself at a table for two. The hostess pointed to her, and I assumed that was Sonia. She had a great smile!

Sonia: As soon as he approached the table, I noticed he had beautiful eyes –light bluish-gray, which looks great with Indian skin.

Viraj: We naturally fell into conversation; it was very easy to talk to her and feel comfortable. The food was great. We shared chicken satay for an appetizer.

Sonia: He ordered drunken noodles, which he researched in advance because he knew he wanted it. I loved the fried ice cream (which we split).

A common campus

Viraj: I learned about Sonia’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and family. We talked about growing up in the United States but being of Indian descent – its advantages and tribulations. All in all, the conversation was great.

Sonia: We talked a lot about our families. Most of his is still in India, and he travels there often.

Viraj: We both love the Red Sox, but [then] again, who doesn’t! We actually both went to Boston University. We also both love going out.

Sonia: We both love the Sox, we attended the same university, and we love happy hour! He was very easy to talk to. As we discovered we had more in common, the date kept getting better.

Critical thinking

Viraj: Sonia is an attractive girl with a personality that only adds to that. But at about midpoint during the dinner, I realized that I was feeling more of a friendly vibe. Sonia is an awesome girl (don’t get me wrong), but I just didn’t feel that initial spark with her.

Sonia: I wouldn’t say it was a deal breaker, but he seems to really want children, and I’m not sure that’s in my future. We definitely got along and had fun. I think sparks come with time.

Viraj: I would have been OK going home after dinner, but she asked whether I wanted to go to Faneuil Hall to grab a drink because she was meeting some friends. Though it was the exact opposite of the direction of home for me, I obliged. We sat next to each other at the bar, and, again, I felt more of a friendly vibe.

Sonia: It was getting late, so we left the bar and said our goodbyes outside. I’m a hugger, but he went in for a little peck.


Viraj: B

Sonia: B+

A second date?

Viraj: As a romantic-partner prospect, I don’t think so. But as friends, definitely!

Sonia: I would like to. We talked briefly about catching a Sox game together.

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