Dinner With Cupid

Repeat offender

He aced Cupid once before, so why is this guy back for more?

April 10, 2011

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Jeff Garabedian, 31, apparel product manager

Why try Cupid twice? The first time, it never really went anywhere. I remembered having fun. Why not do it again?

Did you try anything new this time? Same approach both times – be myself. It’s what I do best.

Ryan Kelly 29, mammographer

What makes her a good catch? I can make a mean breakfast.

What do people notice first when visiting her home? How neat it is, which is honestly due to my roommate.

7 p.m. North 26, Boston

Eternal optimist

Jeff: I took a quick shower and went. I wasn’t nervous; I was excited.

Ryan: My friend Candice curled my hair for me and did my makeup. I think she was more excited than me. I was pretty calm . . . until the women I work with reminded me I was going to be reviewed in the paper.

Jeff: I showed up early just to make sure I didn’t leave her sitting alone.

Ryan: I actually walked by the restaurant at first and had to circle back around.

Second time’s a charm?

Jeff: First impression in all honesty was that she seemed cute, nice smile, but not my general type.

Ryan: When I first saw him I thought he looked very young. I thought he was only 24 or 25.

Jeff: We talked about what our friends and co-workers thought before the date. Everyone wants to give you advice, so it was funny to find out what the other person had been told.

Ryan: We actually talked the entire date nonstop. We talked about our favorite movies and music. Jeff recently became a fan of country and is a semi-expert on the Jersey Shore gang.

Jeff: I want to go to Italy and she gave me tips. She has a weekend in Vegas coming up, so I gave her the skinny on Sin City. I also told her a story about when I went sky diving, and she told me about a zip-line adventure of hers.

Ryan: He has a nice smile and nice teeth, which I got to see more of as the night went on. He told me he has never seen The Royal Tenenbaums and asked me if I was going to throw a mussel at him. I said no but I thought about it; I really like that movie.

Jeff: I was pretty comfortable from start to finish. She was a really nice girl and she was easy to talk to, but I recognized she wasn’t my type fairly early.

Ryan: Jeff told me that he gave up his Celtics tickets in order to meet me. I think he was trying to talk himself up . . . and it worked. Just kidding, but I did think it was pretty impressive.

Dissecting the do-over

Jeff: We had a nice time, but I just wasn’t feeling the vibe to continue at a new place. I was comfortable having dinner and meeting a nice, new girl. It was a cool experience. I walked her to the train like a gentleman should.

Ryan: I honestly could have spent more time talking to him, but I didn’t want to be on the train by myself too late. He was an absolute gentleman. I told him I had a great time; he asked me if he could call sometime. I said yes and we hugged goodnight. He texted me the next day.


Jeff: B-

Ryan: A

A second date?

Jeff: I’m not sure. I am sort of leaning toward no, but she was really nice and it would be cool if I made a great new friend in the process.

Ryan: If he asked me out I would definitely go. He seems like he would be a lot of fun to hang out with.

– Compiled by Maria Oliver

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