Dinner with Cupid

Deja vu

It's a blast from the past for these two daters.

March 27, 2011

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Amy Wolbarst, 25, marketing coordinator

On a desert island, she’d need: hair straightener, wine, and cellphone

The comedian she most relates to: Chelsea Handler

Matthew Fox, 26, grad student

Describe your perfect Saturday: anything fun – drinking wine from soda cans, mini-golf marathons

Who plays you in the movie about your life: Matt Damon

7:30 p.m. Basho Japanese Brasserie, Boston

Don’t I know you?

Amy: I was a little anxious, since I’ve never been on a completely blind date before. I was also getting over a bad cold and worried I’d have to blow my nose during dinner. That just wouldn’t be cute.

Matthew: Prior to the date I had been at school working on a group project, and cleared my mind on the walk to the restaurant. I was looking forward to meeting someone new.

Amy: I saw Matt sitting in the front area of the restaurant and knew right away who he was. I’ve known him since elementary school.

Matthew: I recognized her. We graduated the same year from the same elementary, middle school, high school, and university.

Catching up

Amy: We thought it was funny but also a little annoying that we already knew each other. We decided to eat dinner anyway.

Matthew: I was relieved when I saw her, we hugged, and we were both amused at the coincidence.

Amy: We filled each other in on what we’ve been up to since college. I learned Matt is going to grad school full time and doing real estate on the side. I was a little uncomfortable, because although we grew up in the same town and went to the same college, we were never friends, and here we were trying to make small talk over dinner.

Matthew: She is helping her family design a new house. We talked briefly about reality TV; she was easy to talk to.

Amy: I kind of wanted to leave as soon as I saw that I already knew Matt. He’s a nice guy, but the whole point of doing this is to be set up with someone you don’t know. I was a little disappointed.

Matthew: I liked the fact that she wasn’t afraid to try new foods.

Amy: I offered to split the tip, and he accepted. I think it’s polite to offer and always do, but I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date where a guy actually took me up on it.

Matthew: She was friendly. We just didn’t share the same interests. I didn’t feel we were amorously compatible.

Going forward

Amy: There was no discussion about continuing the date elsewhere, which was fine. It was probably one of the shortest dates I’ve ever been on.

Matthew: Amy mentioned she was just getting over a cold and that she wasn’t feeling too well.

Amy: He asked if I could drive him to the T; it was on my way home, so I didn’t mind. We didn’t exchange numbers or talk of going out again.

Matthew: We wished each other well.


Amy: B-

Matthew: B

A second date?

Amy: No, but I wish him the best.

Matthew: She’s a great girl, but I don’t think we’ll go to dinner again. I wish her all the best.

– Compiled by Maria Oliver

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