Dinner With Cupid

Making waves

Will this West Coast surfer woo his date – or wipe out?

March 13, 2011

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Adam Stontz, 27, chemist

Why he thinks he’s a good catch: I’m a surfer from California, so I have a decent body. I also enjoy intellectual activities such as board games and books.

Playing him in the movie of his life: Sean Connery

Andrea Buckley, 29, high school teacher

First thing people notice in her home? The great view of Boston

Why she thinks she’s a good catch: I’m a cute girl with a lot to offer the right guy, but I can’t find him. HELP!

7:30 p.m. at La Voile, Back Bay

Boards up

Adam: I arrived early to the restaurant and got a drink at the bar. Other than that, I winged it. I didn’t want to stress out about it, so I didn’t.

Andrea: I had tons of time between work and the date, so I did some laundry and repainted my nails.

Adam: I was the first one there. Everyone was speaking French, so I was pretty much left out of the conversation.

Andrea: I am compulsively on time for things, but for this I was late, although

I did call the restaurant to let him know

I was actually on my way.


Adam: My date was attractive; nice figure and great fashion sense. Her eyes were what I was really attracted to.

Andrea: I thought he was nicely dressed. He seemed pretty calm, maybe a little nervous.

Adam: She was pretty chatty and wasn’t shy. I would say that was a sign of calm nerves – or maybe a coverup for nervousness?

Andrea: We both have science backgrounds and like to do some of the same types of things.

Adam: We both enjoy mountain sports and the beach.

Andrea: I’ve recently gotten into golfing and tried surfing, both of which he does.

Adam: My date is a teacher and waits tables out on the Vineyard during the summer. She likes NKOTB and has tickets to their upcoming show with the Backstreet Boys.

Andrea: The conversation flowed pretty smoothly the whole time, no awkward moments.

Adam: She definitely seemed to get more attractive as the night went on, as I was able to look at her eyes and smile. Being a nerd, I’m incredibly inept at reading signs from women; so maybe there were sparks.

Breaking point

Andrea: We seemed to have different interests. I think I am more into pop culture (music, TV) and like to follow sports, which he doesn’t. Our personalities didn’t really seem all that similar;

I like to joke around, and he seemed kind of serious.

Adam: She has lived out here her entire life, and I don’t see her wanting to relocate out west, which is where I intend to settle down. The East Coast is an icebox, and I want sun.

Andrea: We left the restaurant and were both headed in the same direction, so we walked a few blocks together.

Adam: I had no idea what the etiquette on this type of date is, so I gave her a hug and asked for her number. Too soon?


Andrea: B

Adam: B+

A second date?

Andrea: I don’t think so. He’s a nice guy, but our personalities were too different.

Adam: I’m getting bored of Boston, so I will probably be taking off soon, but if I do not leave, yes.

–Compiled by Maria Oliver

  • March 13, 2011 cover
  • March 13 cover
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