Dinner With Cupid

Heartbreak Hill?

Will this marathon man lace up his sneakers or linger for love?

February 27, 2011

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Danielle Barry, 26, office manager/grad student

When she’s happiest: being with family and friends – they bring out the best qualities in her

What she thinks makes her a good catch: She’s caring and genuine.
Dan Daneshvar, 27, MD/PhD graduate researcher

Stranded on an island, he’d want: running shoes, a Swiss Army knife, his Droid

The comedian he most relates to: Demetri Martin
7 p.m. Ecco > East Boston

Head start

Danielle: I was a little nervous before the date, but knew that I was going to make the best of it. I think not knowing anything is worse than having some information about the person.

Dan: I’d been running around all day, so I didn’t really have a chance to even think about the date before getting to the restaurant.

Danielle: I arrived early to ensure that I could find a parking spot, and he arrived a few minutes later.

Dan: I wasn’t really expecting much besides trying something new. My friends were hoping I’d crash and burn so they could read the post-mortem in the paper. So the bar was set pretty low!
The homestretch

Danielle: I thought that he was good-looking. As the hostess told me, “tall, dark, and handsome.” Once I saw him at the table, a sense of relief came over me, and I was completely comfortable from that point on for the evening.

Dan: Danielle is a very cute brunette with a great smile.

Danielle: I ordered the vegetarian pasta. The food was good and the service was great. I think being female, knowing that the staff were watching out for me, was nice, although there was no point during the night that I felt I needed an out.

Dan: I ordered the short ribs, which were recommended both by our waitress and a friendly couple at the bar. Danielle is a vegetarian and the place didn’t have a lot of vegetarian options, so we decided not to split an app.

Danielle: Conversation flowed easily between us, and I think that we realized that we had some things in common.

Dan: Danielle has a really full plate, between a full-time job and night school to get a graduate degree in human resources. We talked about work, favorite travel destinations, sports. As the date progressed, we seemed to be getting along pretty well, but there weren’t any real romantic sparks.
Finish line

Danielle: We shared a dessert and then his cab arrived to take him back home.

Dan: I had to run to a birthday party, so we didn’t do anything after dinner.

Danielle: Since we had just met, it was a nice way to end. We will see what happens if there is a second date.

Dan: We exchanged numbers, hugged goodbye, and made tentative plans to hang out sometime in the next couple weeks.

Danielle: A

Dan: B+
Second date?

Danielle: I think that we will go on another date and see what happens from there. We went into the date with a similar outlook, so I think that helped us both have an enjoyable evening.

Dan: I had a great time with her but didn’t really feel any romantic connection. I would definitely hang out as friends but wouldn’t go on another date.

– Compiled by Maria Oliver

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