Dinner With Cupid

Neutral ground

Will these two Middle Eastern Americans form an alliance?

February 6, 2011

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Susan Massad, 51, associate professor

When are you happiest? When swimming outdoors

What makes her a catch? She loves politics, book signings, concerts, foreign films. She’s financially stable, a good cook.
Kamran Nafissi, 60, interior work-space designer

Stranded on an island, he’d want: Music, my memories, and hope

First thing people notice in his home: Old and beautiful Persian artifacts
7 p.m. Maxwells 148, Natick

Establishing a dialogue

Kamran: I was very calm and looking forward to the date.

Susan: I was relaxed and open-minded.

Kamran: I got there ahead of her and sat at the table. The host guided her to the table.

Susan: The host led me to the table where Kamran was already seated. He was pleasant-looking. Honestly, not really my type, but that is OK. I always give people a chance.

Kamran: I was not attracted to her at all. She did not have any of the physical features which I find attractive in a woman.

Searching for unity

Susan: He seemed friendly and calm.

Kamran: She seemed a little nervous at the beginning and calmed down as time went on.

Susan: The service was really attentive, the food was tasty. I would not go to this place on my own, though. Very pricey, high emphasis on presentation; not my style. Too formal.

Kamran: I have been to Maxwells many times, and I like the food very much.

Susan: He told me a lot about Iran, his native homeland. He has two sons with whom he has a great relationship. We talked about international films and places we’ve traveled. He’s a world traveler.

Kamran: We talked about Mideast politics, Lebanon, and her teaching career.

Susan: We discussed our backgrounds, ethnicity, kids, jobs, foreign films at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Kamran: We share a love for our family, our tradition, art, film, and fine dining.

Susan: We share some of the same opinions about international events and like the same type of films.

Kamran: I was very comfortable with her and felt disappointed that I did not have any chemistry with her.

Susan: The conversation was intellectually stimulating, but there was not much of a spark.

Kamran: As soon as I saw her, I wanted to leave.

Susan: It was comfortable enough – kind of like talking to a friend. I don’t find these situtations awkward.

Cutting off talks

Kamran: We said goodbye. We shook hands.

Susan: [He said,] “Very nice meeting you.”


Kamran: C-

Susan: B+

A second date?

Kamran: No.

Susan: No.

Kamran: The minute I saw her, I knew this was going nowhere.

Susan: He’s a very nice man, but I did not sense that we’d be a great fit. I did not get the feeling he was all that interested in me either.

— Compiled by Melissa Schorr.

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