Dinner With Cupid


Will this hockey coach skate into his date’s heart or get frozen out?

January 9, 2011

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Julianna Becker, 21, student/college athletic department assistant

When she’s happiest: doing yoga

Her perfect Saturday: going to breakfast, lunch by the Charles, followed by a Sox game

Mike Callan, 21, hockey coach

Stranded on an island, he’d want: his German shepherd, Internet access, and a bicycle

Why he’s a good catch: He’s knowledgeable, empathetic, and creative.

7 p.m. Sonsie, Back Bay

Caffeine jolt

Mike: I made sure the train schedules fit the right timing. I showered, overdressed just in case, then got there early. I had to stop to get a coffee to get a little more energy going.

Julianna: I really didn’t do much besides the usual shower and outfit selection.

Mike I’d say I was relaxed, slightly excited about it, and looking forward to it.

Julianna: I was a little nervous that the conversation would be awkward or we just really wouldn’t get along, but for the most part I was pretty calm.

Mike: When she came in, they sat her down first, then came and found me at the bar.

Julianna: I didn’t see anyone waiting, so I thought I was the first to arrive.

Sports fans

Mike: I wasn’t quite sure if college-age kids really applied, so I was somewhat surprised to see a younger face. She was cute, with flowing brown hair and nice eyes.

Julianna: He was dressed nicely, which was a plus, but I wasn’t physically attracted to him. He was cute, but something about him just didn’t click with me. He seemed a little young despite the fact that we are the same age.

Mike: Discussion was a bit awkward at first but slowly picked up.

Julianna: We briefly recapped where we were from, then began talking about where we are currently. I discovered that he had graduated early, while I was still in college.

Mike: Both of us have worked in sports, so that provided an interesting discussion.

Julianna: We both loved our dogs. He really seemed enthusiastic talking about his, which was great, because I love talking about my dog, too!

Mike: After having a girlfriend nearly all the time in high school and college, I’m looking to meet people. That’s a bit hard when my profession is the hockey industry and I’m either dealing with under-20-year-old boys, or coaches, scouts, and managers.

Julianna: When I asked him if he liked any other sports aside from hockey, he said no. He started questioning the legitimacy of football and kind of bashed where I work. I knew right then that this wasn’t going to work out.

Sunday bummer

Mike: She had exams; I had to get home. We probably would’ve done something more exciting if it was not a Sunday night.

Julianna: He walked me to the T stop under his umbrella, which I appreciated. Then we parted ways.


Mike B-

Julianna B-

Second Date?

Mike: Definitely an option. I enjoyed talking to her, and she was a bright person.

Julianna: He was a nice guy, but I don’t feel like we had enough in common to go out again.

Compiled by Sarah Mupo

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Julianna Becker and Mike Callan
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