Dinner With Cupid

Sketching out a future

Will this writer and architect get sent back to the drawing board?

January 2, 2011

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Meg Mills, 26, fashion writer

Stranded on an island, she’d want: sunblock, Vogue

Her perfect Saturday: Dinner in the South End, a stroll, dessert and drinks, then a spot with live music and dancing

Alec Templeton, 29, architect

Stranded on an island, he’d want: a Frisbee, music

First thing people notice in his home: a big painting by his dad on the wall, then how organized it seemingly is

7 p.m. The Elephant Walk, Cambridge

Mystery match

Meg: I played the new Taylor Swift album on the car ride over. It’s such a girly CD.

Alec: I made sure I left work on time to avoid traffic. And I had a stick of gum walking to the restaurant.

Meg: I had butterflies. I was more nervous than I thought I was going to be.

Alec: There was definitely some excitement, also some nerves. I’ve never met up with anyone I did not know anything about.

Meg: I was way early. My GPS lied to me. Alec came in a few minutes after 7.

Alec: I was right on time; she was a touch early and already had a drink in hand. I thought, “Well played.”

Meg: Finally, in my flurry of freakout texts to my best friend, I look up and see a well-dressed guy who approached me and said, “Meg?” Sigh of relief.

Nice flow

Alec: I thought she was attractive and enjoyed that she greeted me with a warm smile.

Meg: He was handsome. He’s tall and had a great tweed coat on.

Alec: She was not my usual type or someone I would be drawn to immediately. I was intrigued, however.

Meg: He has a really interesting look that I found attractive; he’s Swedish and Korean.

Alec: We started talking about our lines of work and where we were traveling from to get to the restaurant.

Meg: The conversation evolved from question-answer to friendly, fun dinner conversation.

Alec: Halloween is her absolute favorite holiday and we swapped stories on past costumes. I had some photos on my phone, which prompted some laughter.

Meg: There were no awkward moments. The conversation was easy-breezy.

Alec: Her energy and enthusiasm added to her attractiveness. She has a passion for life that lends a vivacious quality to her.

Calling it a night

Meg: We got the bill and headed toward the door. Alec made sure we got a picture in front of the giant elephant in the restaurant. It was pretty funny.

Alec: Being a Tuesday, I think we mutually motioned to call it an evening.

Meg: He walked me to my car and we hugged.

Alec: I think a hug is always appropriate whether there is mutual interest or not, especially on a first date. Driving off, she gave a tap of the horn and a wave, which was sweet.


Meg: A

Alec: B+

Second date?

Meg: I hope so. He asked me for my number, so maybe I’ll hear from him. Does the three-day rule still apply?

Alec: I had a fun time for sure, but feel we would be better off as friends. She is a really friendly and engaging person; however, the romantic interest did not develop for me.

Compiled by Sarah Mupo. Cupid needs men: Go on a blind date, and we’ll pick up the tab. Fill out an application at

Dinner with Cupid
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