Dinner With Cupid

Roll with it

Can a former Marine and a bookish type hit it off over sushi?

Michael Foster and Juliana Casale
December 19, 2010

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Michael Foster, 29, network support engineer

Playing him in the movie of his life: Bear Grylls

Why he thinks he’s a catch: He’s a former Marine and professional wrestler, and one laughable comedian.

Juliana Casale, 27, copywriter

The comedian she most relates to: Mitch Hedberg

Stranded on an island, she’d want: a lifetime supply of books, family photos, and Gummy vitamins

7 p.m. Fugakyu Japanese Cuisine, Brookline

Early birds

Juliana: I have a friend who’s an avid reader of Dinner With Cupid. Her enthusiasm made me want to do some research, so I looked up past dates to see how they’d gone.

Michael: I came straight from work. I got a little nervous, so I did some breathing exercises.

Juliana: I was the first to arrive, so I took a seat near the front door and fiddled with my phone.

Michael: I was 30 minutes early, but waited outside until it was go time. She was waiting inside the whole time, though I had no idea.

Saved by sake

Juliana: Mike approached me and introduced himself. We shook hands.

Michael: She seemed very at ease and pleasant. We both made jokes at how maze-like the restaurant was as we were shown to our table.

Juliana: I appreciated that he put thought into his outfit. I noticed right away that he had really nice green eyes.

Michael: Juliana recently moved to Boston from the D.C. area. I actually used to live fairly close to where she’s from.

Juliana: I was happy to hear his take on boot camp and listen to stories about the computer pranks his co-workers pull on each other.

Michael: Juliana is very nonabrasive, so it wasn’t long before I was very comfortable. The sake helped, too.

Juliana: He described the Swiss Alps to me, and I told him about my time in Germany – we both love traveling.

Michael: Juliana has cute mannerisms that came out more as the night went along. She also smiles a lot, and it’s a warm, genuine smile.

Juliana: When Mike pretended to chase an imaginary insect with his chopsticks so I could stop worrying about him watching me make a complete mess eating my sushi, I knew we’d get along.

Tentative plans

Juliana: Mike was getting ready to say goodbye outside the restaurant when I suggested getting a drink nearby – I was surprised he was willing to end the night so early.

Michael: I took her to the Beacon Street Tavern, which is close by.

Juliana: He asked if I was free over the weekend, but I was going to be out of town, so I gave him my number and we made plans to spend more time together.

Michael: I said goodnight and we just hugged. She’s a real nice girl; it was a good date, but for me there just wasn’t a spark.


Juliana: B+

Michael: B+

A second date?

Juliana: I’d go on another date. I didn’t open up as much as I could have on this one, and Mike is good company.

Michael: I told her that since she enjoys Scotch, I’d take her to Eastern Standard and the Whiskey Priest, and I will.

Compiled by Sarah Mupo. Go on a blind date: We’ll pick up the tab. To apply for Dinner with Cupid, fill out an application at

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