Dinner with Cupid

Next-door neighbors

Living on the same street hasn't brought them together. Will this date?

Katie Massey and Tom Perry
December 12, 2010

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Katie I raced home from class and had my roommate and sister judge different outfits while enjoying a glass of wine.

Tom I came straight from work, so I didn’t do much right before. I researched the restaurant and talked with a few buddies about what to do if things weren’t going well.

Katie I was strategically three minutes late. I didn’t want to get there first.

Tom I was there 10 minutes early and had a drink at the bar. She arrived shortly after 7:30.

Katie I thought the host was my date because he looked like he was waiting for me. I was happy when he pointed to the tall guy at the bar.

Tom The host introduced us and I went in for the hug.

>Hey, Good-Lookin’

Tom She was cute and well dressed.

Katie He was dressed well, looked like he had come from work, and was tall, which I like, with a great smile.

Tom The first thing that came up in conversation was where we lived. We learned that we both live on the same street.

Katie We also talked about how he wants to buy a new car, which I was grateful for, so his pickup truck would stop taking up two spaces on our street.

Tom I learned she has a great career and loves her job. We also talked about our families and our plans for Thanksgiving: She planned to be working, and I planned to be eating and watching football.

Katie We’re both in graduate school, trying to balance school and work.

Tom I felt very comfortable with her early on.

Katie When he asked me what kind of music I like, I was reluctant to divulge that I’m a huge country music fan. Luckily he’s a huge fan as well.

Tom Things got awkward when the older lady next to us spilled her drink on the guy behind her. He wasn’t thrilled and wouldn’t accept her apology. The feeling was mutual that it wasn’t that big of a deal and he should get over it.

Katie When we were halfway through dessert, the waitress came over to ask if we wanted the check, but he ordered us another round of drinks. I was glad that he didn’t want dinner to be over so soon.

Tom I only grew more attracted to her as the night went on.

>Back to the ‘Hood

Katie We shared a cab and ended up getting a beer at the local bar with some friends. I was unsure about him meeting up with my friends since we had just met, but we all had a good time.

Tom I took her number and we shared a good-night hug.


Katie A-

Tom A

>Second Date?

Katie I hope so.

Tom I think we’ll go out again soon. We both had a good time.

– Compiled by Sarah Mupo

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