Dinner with cupid

Groove is in the heart

Will a difference in musical taste leave these two singing the blues?

Greg Wise and Gretchen Olney
December 5, 2010

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Greg Wise, 25, business development manager

Stranded on an island, he’d want: Wilson volleyball, ice skate with a sharp blade, locket with his girlfriend’s picture

Why he’s a catch: “I’m short, dark, and handsome.”

Gretchen Olney, 25, publishing sales

First thing people notice in her home: That it’s well kept and looks and feels lived-in

Playing her in the movie of her life: A young Julia Roberts, possibly from Pretty Woman but with a different career

Slow jams

Greg: I was at work up until the date. And I was late. Not a good way to start out the date. I did listen to some slow R&B in the car. That usually brings my swag out.

Gretchen: The only thing I did to prepare really was talk with my best friends.

Greg: I wasn’t nervous at all. Well, maybe a little. I was excited, though.

Gretchen: I’d say I was pretty calm.

Bummed about Boyz

Greg: When I got there she was sitting in the booth. I thought she was cute. I don’t think she stood up to hug me, so that was kind of awkward. So I did one of those “half hug while the other person is sitting down” things.

Gretchen: He was an attractive guy, maybe not as tall as I normally go for.

Greg: We talked about what we each did for work, some of our travels outside of the country, and how we both like long walks on the beach.

Gretchen: I never had a real turning-point moment, but I admittedly got caught up on his music taste. I have never been a fan of R&B, so maybe I am just not too familiar with his favorite songs. However, he referenced Boyz II Men – I wasn’t a fan of them in their heyday in the ’90s and can’t imagine wanting to listen to them now.

Greg: I don’t think she understood my love for hip-hop music. And she was shocked that I went to the University of Wisconsin for school. She assumed it was just cows and cheese. Look it up – it’s not.

Gretchen: I could tell he was a social guy, confident, and had a good head on his shoulders. I found it refreshing to meet someone I had no common friends with and with much different life experiences.

Greg: There was decent flow to the night. I always laugh at the “Were there sparks?” question. I don’t really believe in sparks.

Beer and bye

Greg: I wanted to get her out of the dinner date setting and out to a bar to loosen up a bit.

Gretchen: We went next door for a beer. We tried seeing if either of us had friends in the area to go meet up with, but not much luck. He walked me partway home.

Greg: I gave her a hug, said I had a good time, and we went our separate ways.

Gretchen: He asked me to text him and let him know I made it home safely. I gave him my number, but he didn’t call or text me with his. I’d call that a deal breaker.


Greg: B

Gretchen: B+

Second date?

Greg: I’d be willing to hang out. Gretchen seemed like she likes to have a good time, so maybe if we meet up one night I can teach her how to dance to slow R&B.

Gretchen: It was a fun date and I had a good time. Were there any sparks? I’d have to meet him again under different circumstances to really tell.

Compiled by Sarah Mupo

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