Dinner with Cupid

Taking the lead

Dancing is his passion. Can his date get in step?

Dinner with Cupid
November 28, 2010

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Marlishia Aho, 27, communications specialist

When she’s happiest: Laughing with her friends about nonsense

Her perfect Saturday: Haymarket to load up on produce, picnic lunch, dinner and drinks, and then dancing at Middlesex

Anyenda Inyagwa, 24, corporate recovery associate

His perfect mate: A writer with Alicia Keys’s looks

What people notice in his home: It’s a sanctuary for the things he enjoys most: reading, stepping, and sports.

8 p.m. Cantina La Mexicana, Somerville

Straight Out of School

Marlishia: I had class beforehand, so my prep was listening about the formation of government in liberal democracies, but I did put on ChapStick before I entered the restaurant.

Anyenda: Truth be told, I was rushing because I worked late, so I did not have much time to do anything to prepare.

Marlishia: I did feel a few jitters because I had never been on a true blind date.

Anyenda: I just reassured myself that everything would be fine. I am a fairly social person, so meeting a new person would not be that difficult.

Deal Breakers?

Marlishia: My first impression of Anyenda was that he was nice-looking, had a great smile, but seemed a little young.

Anyenda: I thought she was cute. She had pretty eyes.

Marlishia: Our conversation ranged from our backgrounds to a little bit about politics (since the election was the previous day) and our jobs.

Anyenda: She mentioned she had worked on some recent political campaigns, though she wouldn’t go into too much detail. But I understand why – politics can be a dangerous thing to talk about.

Marlishia: Anyenda has a degree in childhood development, which is really cool, and as a volunteer teacher, he teaches step dance to kids in Somerville.

Anyenda: If she was nervous, I did not notice it much. She seemed as if she had a similar mind-set to mine. She seemed to think the experience would be interesting.

Marlishia: We both enjoy sports, specifically basketball, and sometimes scream at the TV when the game is good or bad. We both have a sweet tooth.

Anyenda: I think the deal breaker for her was when she asked my age. I am younger than her by a couple of years. As the night went on, it just seemed like she would be someone who would be a cool friend but not much more.

Marlishia: I don’t think Anyenda said anything that was necessarily a deal breaker – his love of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings didn’t scare me off. Maybe my addiction to HGTV was a deal breaker for him.

Smooth Finish

Anyenda: I thanked her for her company and she did the same. As I was waiting for the bill, it seemed like a natural point to end the date.

Marlishia: At the end of the date, he walked me to my car and we hugged as we said goodbye. I don’t think a goodnight kiss was in our future.


Anyenda: B

Marlishia: B+

A Second Date?

Anyenda: I do not think so. I wouldn’t mind hanging out again. But at that moment, I just didn’t think the chemistry was there.

Marlishia: I don’t see another date in our future, since neither of us attempted to get each other’s contact info.

– Compiled by Sarah Mupo

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