Dinner with Cupid

He's Team Jacob. She's Team Edward. Can they get past it?

Dinner with Cupid
November 21, 2010

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Ben Isakson, 25, medical student

His perfect Saturday: Sleeping in, followed by taking his dog for a walk, and then maybe catching a few waves

Playing him in the movie of his life: Jon Hamm

Krissy Mainello, 25, research project manager

First thing people notice in her home: How good it smells. She’s always mastering her next recipe.

On a desert island, she’d want: Someone else, a good book, and a sound system

7 p.m. Aquitaine Bis, Chestnut Hill

A Little Help From Friends

Krissy: I wouldn’t say I prepared in any way. I did have some things cross my mind before I went, though: not to swear during dinner, try to look interested in what he’s saying, not to chew with my mouth open, etc.

Ben: I’ve never been on a blind date, but my friend Neil and his boyfriend, Nick (who met via a similar blind date column in a California newspaper!), secretly submitted an application for me, knowing that I am constitutionally incapable of turning down a free meal.

Krissy: I was there first and seated at our table for about 10 minutes before he showed up. Later I found out he was outside the restaurant asking strangers if they were his date – his plan was to meet outside and walk in together.

Ben: Krissy was a very nice-looking girl.

Krissy: He was underdressed – jeans, flip-flops, baseball hat – not your typical $30-a-plate French restaurant attire. Despite all that, he was kind of cute.

Taking Sides

Krissy: He seemed mostly calm, a little freaked out maybe.

BEN We talked about skiing a lot, her job, my school. We postulated about the Globe’s mysterious Sarah Mupo and tried to figure out if there is some secret formula to matching people.

Krissy: I discovered he had a real “thing” for Justin Bieber and that he was seriously obsessed with the Twilight series, which was fine and all, but then he said he was a part of Team Jacob. Yikes! I’ve always been a Team Edward kind of girl.

Ben: This is obviously a huge deal breaker. Then things got worse, when she started bad-mouthing Justin Bieber. Nobody talks about the Bieb that way.

Krissy: I liked his sense of humor. He didn’t take himself too seriously.

Ben: There were no sparks, really, especially after I found out she was a Bieber-hating member of Team Edward.

Krissy: When he said he was going to cut his hair like Justin Bieber, I think that’s a good enough reason for any respectable girl to want to leave.

Is he kidding?

Ben: After dessert, we got into another shouting match about Bieber.

Krissy: We went to Union in Newton Centre to get another drink and watch the Celtics game. It was his idea to get another drink; I agreed it was a fine idea.

Ben: Tensions were pretty high after the Twilight argument.

Krissy: He drove me back to my car and we hugged good night.


Ben: It started an A, then quickly deteriorated to an F.

Krissy: B+

A second Date?

Ben: Unlikely, because of the obvious issues mentioned above.

Krissy: It was definitely the best blind date I’ve ever been on. I’d go out with Ben again if he could drop the pop-culture obsessions. He was fun, and I enjoyed myself.

– Compiled by Sarah Mupo Go on a blind date: We’ll pick up the tab. To apply for Dinner With Cupid, fill out an application at

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