Erica Corsano and her rescue pups ready for a night on the town

Erica Corsano with her Jack Russell terriers Penelope and Henry. (Photo: Erica Corsano)
Erica Corsano with her Jack Russell terriers Penelope and Henry. (Photo: Erica Corsano)

Erica Corsano is a well-known Boston fashion maven. She is also an animal lover. The writer and stylist who runs the Boston operation of The RealReal, a national online luxury consignment site, recently rescued a Jack Russell terrier pup named Henry from the MSPCA. As she and Henry gear up to attend the MSPCA Spring Gala fund-raiser Wednesday night (which she is chairing), she took some time to chat about the best way to get pesky pet hair off your clothes, her reaction to her pup chewing up her Jimmy Choo shoes, and why she’ll never be like Paris Hilton. Pets: Tell us about your new rescue pet.

Corsano: My new rescue pet from the MSPCA is Henry and he’s a Jack Russell terrier, a puppy. He’s 10 weeks old now and he’s a doll. He looks like a stuffed animal. It’s insane how cute he is. And he’s very smart.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Pets: How did you come to find Henry?

Corsano: I heard through the grape vine that Jack Russell terrier puppies had arrived at the MSPCA and I immediately contacted my contacts there. And my first priority was to schedule a time for my other rescue dog, Penelope—my other Jack Russell terrier—to meet Henry. And they were so accommodating and wonderful. I knew I had to move quickly because the dogs were so cute that they were going to go quickly but it was also important that my rescues get along. So I brought Penelope to meet Henry and they played and, you know, I could tell that, although it would take some adjustment, I knew that they were going to be pals. So I adopted him on the spot. Pets: Why the name ‘Henry?’

Corsano: They named him Shatner. God only knows how they came up with the name. He couldn’t stay a Shatner. I’m sorry, MSPCA, but he is not a Shatner (and I love William Shatner). He’s a Henry. And he’s a classy boy. Pets: You now have two Jack Russell terriers. Tell us three fabulous things about the breed.

Corsano: They are uber smart. They are incredibly loving. And they are super duper fun. Pets: You are well known for fashion. Are your dogs fashionistas too?

Corsano: Oh dear no. I refuse. I mean, only on holidays for a few minutes just to snap a picture. We do have team T-shirts—the Celtics, the Red Sox, the Bruins, the Patriots—for them to show pride. But you will never see me walking down Newbury Street with my dogs in pink cashmere sweaters. I would vomit. I am not that girl. Actually, I know they are more comfortable naked. So why would I make them uncomfortable? There will be no Paris Hilton activity in this house. Pets: You are chairing the MSPCA’s Spring Gala fund-raiser Wednesday night. Will you bring your dogs?

Corsano: Yes, I am bringing them. This is the exception I told you about. Henry will have a bowtie on and Penny will wear a silk bow matching his bowtie. I am thrilled, I am honored, I am humbled to represent this organization that is so near and dear to my heart. Pets: What’s your advice to pet owners constantly battling pet hair on their clothes? How do you remedy it?

Corsano: Yeah, it’s not fun. And I wish I had some kind of special secret something. I don’t. So if anyone has one, I’m all ears. I use industrial packing tape. That’s how I get it off. It gets it all off, cause the lint brush just doesn’t. Pets: Do your pups get to go shopping with you at all?

Corsano: Yes! Absolutely. Yesterday Henry accompanied me to Bloomingdale’s. And Cust and Saks Fifth Avenue and then we went to Flock, a really cute South End boutique. It’s great that stores are so loving with animals because it makes my life easier. A lot of them have water for dogs and a big thing of treats. Pets: You told you once flew to London to bring Nicole Kidman $3 million worth of vintage jewels. Might you be taking Henry on any of your fashion adventures?

Corsano: It’s so funny you say that. I am considering taking him to Ibiza with me. I am going there this summer. I’m going with a friend, they’re renting a house and bringing their children. I thought Henry might make a good world traveler. Pets: Have there been any closet casualties by the teeth of your pups?

Corsano: Oh, God. Not Henry, but Penny, got her lovely mouth—when she was a puppy—on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I am very frugal. I love nice things, but I’m very strategic about what I buy. So I probably have nice shoes but I probably bought them on sale. I’m not a wasteful person. So please understand when a dog chews a pair of shoes, it doesn’t mean I have 50 others to replace it. It hurts! So Penny ate a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and they were really practical, I wore them a lot. I did shed a couple of tears. That hurts. She also took a bite out of the handle of a Mulberry bag. So that hurt too. So, with Henry, I have hidden everything because I learned. I close all the doors and I hide all the shoes.