Emergency pet care for extreme weather conditions

Find out what you need to know before evacuating with your pet.   (iStockphoto.com)
Find out what you need to know before evacuating with your pet. (iStockphoto.com)

As New England prepares to battle Nemo, which is predicted to be a historic blizzard, pets need to be protected as well as people.

Gail Furtado from the Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River offered Boston.com Pets the following tips for emergency pet care during extreme weather conditions.

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What to pack in case you need to evacuate with your pet:

1. Leash and/or harness

2. Disposal bowls

3. Towels and/or blankets to keep animals secure and comfortable

4. Enough food, treats, and medication to last a week

5. Litter box and extra litter

6. Poop bags or garbage bags

7. A carrier ready to transport animals if necessary

8. A picture of your animals

9. Description of your pet including information such as medical conditions, behavior and feeding schedule

10. Veterinarian’s phone number and address

Evacuation tips:

1. Know where you can evacuate with your animal

2. Do not leave pets alone during an emergency

3. Keep your pets indoors and ready to leave

4. Keep a list of their vaccinations

5 Make sure you have ID tag collars on your pets

6. It’s a good idea to microchip – do it after the storm if you’ve missed the opportunity to do it

7. Have signs on your home letting someone know you have pets in the house

Forever Paws in Fall River is a no-kill, nonprofit shelter for companion animals. It is a shelter that helps homeless animals with shelter food, medical supplies, and training to prepare them for a new family to adoption them.